Hard Boiled To The Max, Hoang Nguyen (2D)


Title: Hard Boiled To The Max
Name: Hoang Nguyen
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

I was going through my comic collections and came across some really old comics. It brought back allot of happy memories, of childhood. There just something magical about holding it in your hand. The cheap newsprint and that musty smell.

I thought it would be neat to create a mock-up comic. I always love those old pulp magazines; and wanted to create something old and something new. Sort of my take on it. I didn’t follow any guideline, just took some liberty.

Anyway, I started this a while back, right after the “Master & Servant” challenge. I’ve been working on and off for the past few months. It took me roughly about 60 hours to finished the painting. I had fun designing her jacket and coming up with those silly titles. The painting and all the texts were created in photoshop 7

Let me know what you guys think, comments are welcome.


Excellent! I love your style very much, she looks great and dangerous :scream:
5stars for me, Congratz :applause:


nice color , i always like your character design and art style , can’t wait to see more of your wonderful artwork !


You can see more of the art here:


Superb work! That chick looks badass!

Nicely done :thumbsup:

Id love to see a much bigger picture of the girl without the comic book frame


nice style~the girl is very very cool~I like this picture~good job~~~:bounce: :bounce:


I like all the details in this image! :applause:

One of the best i ever seen! :slight_smile:


very very cool work ! :love::bowdown:


Jeez, really impressive work on the gun! Is that a texture, or did you do the rendering via lots and lots of individual strokes? Or maybe both? Either way, this is totally badass. The magazine looks really cool too - battered and used. This image is completely to my liking!


OMG… This is something!
Your style is GREAT!
Lovely textures and colors.

Only 5 starZZZ!


Knock me off my feet why don’t you!!!
JUST great love the style and the approach you take to your work an amazing result!


Cripes, that’s amazing! Awesome work, I wanna read it!


wooow!! that is really cool. cover effect is very well done!! keep up.


Excellent work indeed, just one thing though I’m not a fan of Nazi memorabilia :sad:


Here is the painting before I added the wear-and-tear book:

Thanks to everyone for your feedback and kind words :slight_smile:
Monk2 : I did paint the gun from scratch, and added a metal texture to help pop it out a bit.
Blakjak: Please take it with a grain of salt, I’m working on a WW1, action adventure comic book and it does them in there. I hope to one day be able to finish it.


nice going mate~somehow it seems like it might look better with her hand pointed straight with the big gun~otherwise its stil a great piece!thanks for sharing this work:thumbsup:


Nice layout and perspective .:bounce:




greate work with the tectures ! And the face is very cute.


hmm… yes… great work.
Nice paining and very good illustration!
The lady looks “nice” :smiley: and the MP5 is very detailed to…
but the “Nazi-design” is not my flavor… :-/

Although… good work :wink:

greetings, B3liar