Hard body dynamics and Size tool in LW8


Here’s a little question: I’m trying to animate balloons popping out of a box. When the box opens, the balloons inflate (used scale keyframes to inflate the baloons). The problem I’m having is when I calculate the dynamics for the balloons, it understandably ignores any keyframed information for the objects with hard dynamics. That means that I can’t inflate the balloons with scale. I need some way to inflate the balloons without using scale. I’ve tried endomorphs, but that doesn’t work with hard body dynamics either. Anyone got any ideas?


How strange; have you tried making a MD_Scan to your objects?



Do a calculation on the baloons and go to the editFX tab and use the ‘make path’ command. Then you get a null object, parent your baloon to this null and remove the hardFX dynamics from it. Now you can morph or scale the baloon as much as you like. :thumbsup:


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