Harbour, Aleksandar Jovanovic (3D)


Very nice work. :thumbsup:
Well done.



nice works. very good texture and composite.


Fantastic job done Lucky,one of your best works i’ve seen so far for sure.Outstanding!
Can you provide us some information about render time,lighting setup,textures (resolution)?


OMG , amazing , bravo :wink:
svaka čast brate ,nema šta :wink:


Surprisingly,Looking forward to the next one


Thank you all, i really appreciate it :slight_smile:
Considering lightning i used one direct light for sun and few bounce lights, there are some additional tweaks done in Photoshop later.


Wow,great job!
Rasturio si model :thumbsup:


Thanks Stanko, i’m glad you like it :slight_smile:


This is really nice work. Although, I have a few minor crits.

The two balconies on the left side look identical. You should have some more obvious differences between them, to avoid this uniform, unnatural look.

Your building overall is extremely monochromatic. Try introducing different tones for different surfaces along the structure - such as browner wood in places, and different coloured roof tiles. This would not only be more realistic, but also more aesthetically pleasing and interesting. Also, the wood textures look more like concrete than wood.

You should use displacement to break up the silhouette of the tower, especially on the right hand side, where it is quite dark. I can see that the overall structure has some slight curvature, which is good, but adding smaller displacement, like bricks, would help to break this up more, creating a more interesting silhouette.

The flat panes of glass look a little out of place, stylistically. The seem anachronistic. Surely, a more Venetian style would be more appropriate? The light above the door also seems somewhat anachronistic.

Crits aside though, this is a very striking image and I really like the overall mood. The water is particularly well done.

We need some fresh stuff on the front page so this one is plugged.


Thanks Leigh, always loved your constructive critics :slight_smile:


AMAZING, comrad Lucky
Exelent work!!!


Exellent! Nice mood. :applause:


Gorgeous! Just love the water. :thumbsup:


looks excellent!

is it possible if you could make the ‘screenshot’ pictures a bit bigger? i can barely see them when theres so much to look at. :thumbsup:


hey hey hey !!! awesome job Aleksandre 5* :):):slight_smile:
nice to see fellow country man get a recognition he deserves, congrats on the front page !!! :slight_smile:

keep up the great stuff,


Awesome work man. Very impressive amount of detail.


reminds me of dutch architecture,

great job!


Really great ! I like it a lot :slight_smile:

A lot of complexity in the shot :thumbsup:


Bravo za front, stvarno si ga pocepo!


well deserved :thumbsup: