this is the harbor I made using lw. Hope you all like it

:scream: :slight_smile:


capture screen


It looks pretty good, but are you going for realistic? I mean it looks really good, but not convincinly real. It looks kinda CG-ish. Itโ€™s for a game I assume? Would be great!


oh yes,itโ€™s for a game of course.a game of science fiction theme,haha:scream:


i think this pic very interest! i will download to my images library.:bounce:

good job! good design! :thumbsup:


I think you have some texture scaling issues. The geometry looks really nice but the textures are meant for much smaller scaled surfaces and so the image looks very noisy.


It looks great! Are you going to bake the lighting into these textures and add small tiling detail maps?


Have not used bake the light


Looks like a lotta work there. Congrats!


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