Happy Xmas EI Users: FREE SimCloth plug-in


And you lot were ready with your credit cards!!! Never underestimate the power of Santa :wink:

I’ve been playing with it for about an hour now and I’m it looks like this Plug does a lot more then what it ‘says on the tin’…

Cheers Igors!

Hi All

www.paralumino.com/movies/SimCloth2EI.zip (1 Mb)

The archive contains plug-in (Mac and PC), pdf doc and sample projects.

The plug-in is FREE for EI users

Comptibility: actually SimCloth works with EI 6.5 only. The UB plug-in’s versions will be provided in near future.

Good luck :wink:




THANK YOU VERY MUCH Igors and Ian for this nice Xmas gift!

I wish you Igors, Ian, Brian, EITG and last but not least all other EIAS devs. and users
a mery Xmas and a happy new year too.



Very thanks! :wink:


Thanks Santa Ian & Igors you are really generous!!!

Happy Christmas for all.

Diego Bonati.


million thanks to Igor, Ian & Brian
Warm Greetings and Best Wishes for Christmas to all EI user!:slight_smile:



Is there something about the older code in 5.5 that keeps the cloth sim from working?

It’s very good of you to offer the Cloth sim for free… no doubt it was a lot of effort.

Cheers and Happy Holidays to All,



Wow!:bounce: Wow!:applause: Wow!:thumbsup:
This is a mighty nice surprise! Big bucket of thanks to all involved!
Long live Igors!
Now I will put my credit card in cold water and go play with my new toy!


I believe! Thanks Brian, Ian & Igors for the great Christmas present.



I can´t believe it! i will try it right now!!!
Great Igors and Paralumino.



I hate to be a “me too” but I have to voice my thanks.
Thanks Igors and everyone else involved in this amazing gift!
Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone :slight_smile:


Thank you Igors, and Paralumino (and any others).

A great gift and contribution to the EI community.
And heartening to hear of UB recoding efforts already.

Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year to all.



Thanks a lot Igors, that plugin arrived just in time for something that I’m working on.

Now about that gnome file format…Is the format documented anywhere? I have an idea…



Wow! Thanks Igors! (and Paralumino)

Here is a quick test showing some pseudo hardbody dynamics effects.


Ok, I want to say first… THANK YOU! Here are 2 samples I came up with. The only question I have is does this plug work with skinned objects? As of right now I’ll have to use some work arounds with invisible proxies and such because it doesn’t appear to work. But I was just wondering if I was doing anything wrong. Again, thanks.




A very generous gift, Igors. Thank you for all your hard work.



same here!


Incredible work Igors. Look awaited. Ok… Maybe a bit over do, but with a free plug. forgive, forget :slight_smile:

Wonder what a version two feature list would look like? Maybe vertice animation import dialog box?

I wouldn’t say you have me beat yet :slight_smile:
Got a bit of a ways to go, but a huge leap.

Maya skirt rendered in EIAS.

Explore Alonzo VonThreet


What a great gift!

Thanks Igors and Paralumino


Hi Al,

Brian has discussed Gnome on CGTalk before, so forgive me if you already know this:

The Gnome format, as far as I’m aware, has been invented by the Igors, and given the right importers and exporters, it could be even more useful then FBX for taking animated objects from one app to another. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but the possibility is there for it to be huge.



Hey Ian. Yes, I have beating the drums and sounding the alarming about this. This would be very useful. I think I have squawked loud enough that developers may be listenings. I hope they don’t dillydally with it. Time is a perishable item.