Happy Birthday Nana, Dan Roarty (3D)


from the ‘Blue Project’ to ‘Happy Birthday Nana’…I’m anticipating what will come next. :slight_smile:


Truly awesome, as usual Dan.
I can’t believe it hasn’t been promoted to the main gallery though…


This is awesome! I am sure you had some fun with the wrinkles! :buttrock:

you rock!


amazing job, loved the progress of this model and the evolution of your workflow, you are really banging out some amazing art.

          cant wait the next show!


Another masterpiece Dan! Bravo.

I hope you’ll give us a big tutorial one of these days so I can copy everything exactly :slight_smile:


You captured an amazing story here… Very impressive work!


I tried to post on this before but it did not go through. Truly amazing work Dan. You captured an amazing moment with this image. Outstanding work.


Wow! This is some amazing work!

I love the expression on her face. It’s strong, yet subtle enough to emphasize all the wrinkle details. This is a very convincing piece, and I can’t wait to see more of your stuff!


Guys, thanks again so much for all the great comments!!! Really appreciate them all :slight_smile:
I do have some new stuff that’s in the works but probably wont be showing anything for a while…

Raoüf, thanks so much man!
Delcio, thanks dude!
cgkamalak, Ken, Jon, Bryan,Tyler… thanks guys… really appreciate all the support!! haha copy away!


Late to the game on “promoting” this, but… fantastic craftmanship in the piece, D.


impressive as always Dan! So you did end up using Vray for the hair? Didn’t I read on a previous project you ended up using Vray for the skin and MR for the hair due to some issues? I have been looking into Vray hair for a project recently and came across your previous tutorial. Any tips on how you solved your issues and what shader you used would be amazing! ??


Thanks Raffaele for the Plug! and to CGSociety as well!!
Thanks Nic for the comment! In regards to the hair, I went with a Vray Hair shader and actually did it all on the same pass. I used GI though and that really becomes quite slow, so I had a separate scene previously where I would get an idea of how the hair would react to light.
I ended up doing 3 seperate hair systems with slightly different settings. I used shave for creating the splines and then eventually converted to Maya hair… does this help?
hair shader settings below:



Terribly great!! awesome renders and shading.


That’s insanely awesome!



Yeah that’s great Dan, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge! You’re results were amazing


Another exquisite piece (great work on the hair) to add your previous work. ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!!


Thanks very much Danny, Hossein, Mylenium and [color=Red]Nic!! [/color]
if you guys have any more questions on the workflow, just let me know
thanks again!!!


gratulations, well deserved :slight_smile:


This is certainly exceptional–the expressive quality makes one want more; a voice perhaps, a garden and her gentle logic interspersed between plantings.


i am not sure that u r a humanbeing:) stunning :bowdown: