Happy Birthday Nana, Dan Roarty (3D)


Great work Dan! (love the lighting!) :slight_smile:


wow…awesome, love it!
I like your works, droarty:)


Awesome work man, very realistic. Thanks for sharing the break down. How does Knald compare with Xnormal btw?


This isn’t GAM-GAM!? I thought she was real! WTH!

(gam-gam she whispered…)


SICK! 5Stars


Great work


Absolutely amazing


wow!It is amazing!I like this NaNa!


Beautiful man, love the hair. Looks VERY natural: well accomplished my friend. :slight_smile:


Man, this is truly impressive. She has such an incredible expression, that makes you wonder …what we are. She’s perfect.


Great job and intense realism, Im sure your “nana” is more than proud seeing such a great expression of emotion and art all at once. You really captured her emotion and connected to your audience like no other, A++++ :cry: :cry:


Really amazing work!


Her eyes have a very realistic bright.


I am new to cgsociety, but this is really good! I think the hair is realistic, but I wish
the skin was a bit more defined. I love the expression and the light in her eyes!

What an awesome piece of work!



congratulations, great realism


Wow this is amazing Dan! A true inspiration!


That made me smile. Great work, Dan!


Lovely! Fantastic work! :bowdown:


Really good!


That is talent. I want to know how long that took you. Is it possible to render out a whole movie with that quality?