Happy Birthday Nana, Dan Roarty (3D)


Title: Happy Birthday Nana
Name: Dan Roarty
Country: USA
Software: Maya, Mudbox, VRay

Hi guys, This image is inspired by my nana who passed away a few ago… but not a likeness. Modeling in Maya… Mudbox for sculpting/texturing and Vray for rendering head, hair and balloons. Hair/fuzz was created using Shave and Haircut and spec/gloss maps were created using a new tool called Knald. The far blurred BG is 2d image.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out!


Insane realism… And great experssion in the eyes !


great great great!


What can we say except “WOW”, everytime I watch that image I find new details.
The staging make this render looks like a real picture.
Keep us motivated with such good work, Dan!


Awesome work Dan!
Love her natural facial expression! congrats !!!


Great work as usual, did you paint the skin texture from scratch or did you use some photos elements ? how many hours approximately you use to complete this work ?



congratulations. lovely work.


N1kola- “everytime I watch that image I find new details.”>>> I hear you on this one, which makes me feel like it it’s in line with taking a moment to appreciate our elderly and we’ll discover more. blows my mind whenever I think of that concept.

Holistic choice on colour palette; sounds crazy but it feels pretty apt for the subject.
CG brought to another level, do people still use the word CG these days? The subtle facial hair, button, balloon ribbons… a very nice touch.

My grandma took care of me for a while in my life so this work feels really endearing and reaches out to me. In short, a well crafted and thoroughly thought out piece of fine art.

definitely a head turner, might I say show stopper? lol. did somebody say top row?


looking Great Dan,love to see your Process for doing Hairs!


Great stuff Dan. Really nice piece. Those eyes especially.


As always, Great and awesome work Dan ! Really like the skin texture and her expression.


Thanks for the wonderful comments guys!!!

For this image I didn’t use any photos… I prefer to texture heads by hand… I do have some images below of some of the WIP of the image.


Its awesome work Dan, Great realism, she looks so alive!

Great job, love it! :thumbsup:


Great emotion,kindly face,not to attach.Great! :applause:


I am waiting for the next sequel of this epic masterpiece!:thumbsup::bounce:


Incredible! This all photo :slight_smile:


Absolutely amazing work!! So inspiring. It has been great to see the process work and learn a bit about your creation methods.


EPIC, EPIC, EPIC!!! :thumbsup:


Thanks guys!!! most appreciated…
here is some more shots:


Truly Awesome! Thumbs up!..