Happiness, Kan Liu (2D)


Title: Happiness
Name: Kan Liu
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

Hi everyone~
This time, I painted a girl. She means freedom, happiness, human and nature.

Each time when I finished painting, I learn something new.
I wish everyone could done painting like me.
Thank you for you come here.


No words, pure Awesome…:applause:


Very nice,

colors and mood are good,

the background could use more detail.


There’s no trouble knowing where to look in this one. Very appealing “angelic” figure. I like it!


I kind of agree with Rahl about the background (your foreground environment is so good, would have liked to see it continue in the background as well :wink: but it is my only shadow of a crit.
This picture is very sweet and fresh, delicately painted with nice colors and lighting, really enchanting. I love the movement of her hair! A classic scene nicely depicted!
Saw your previous work and loved it as well! Keep it up!!


I figured out another thing I like about this image. I like that she’s a smidge brighter than you might think she should be based on the surrounding shadow values. She’s glowing, but just enough :slight_smile: I like it more all the time !


thank you !
I love you all~ ahaha :love:
Your suggestion is useful. I‘ll fix some mistaken and be carefull while painting next time.


I want to meet her, beauty


this is very beautiful and sublime, great stuff


amazing texture, lovely fluid
keep it up~:)


I agree with the above critiques, very nice work otherwise although the figure looks a bit too red-ish to me compared to the surroundings.
Beautiful work on the lighting :slight_smile:


good work man


beautiful to look at…:).


simply awesome ! its speechless… :bowdown:


That is beautiful work.
I like the way you painted the background, it’s nice to see how the flow and curves of the water and the dress are taken up by the forest. I also love how you did the bark.
At first I was a bit bothered by the amount of background, but knowing that she represents the unity of human and nature, it’s perfectly fine. I miss some animals, however. Maybe tiny ones, sparkling in the sun?


you’ve captured the water perfectally, something i couldn’t get right


Beautiful work, great atmosphere and colors


Very elegant composition. The greens you balance throughout the foliage have a remarkable effect… wholesome and abundant, but not overwhelming. The speckled light effect too, on the rocks and plant life, works very well.

I like what you did with the background. The smoothed-over trees create an intriguing tunnel effect, and it draws me in a bit. It is as if something peculiar, or different, lies beyond those trees.


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