Hands - Post Your Hand Studies - 2D / 3D TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL



ROFL, you’re welcome! Hope you will be posting more work here and on other threads. :slight_smile: I’m glad you liked the Opposing Curves Anatomy Review! :slight_smile: Feel free to join us in the Open Figure Drawing Workshops and other bits we’ve got going on here. We’re currently on OFDW 005. :slight_smile:




well, ive done this study only once, my aim was to improve a bit with the shading and to make up a technique of digital drawing with the mouse…

drawn in paint shop pro 7

i wish i had internet at home, so that i could read all these tutorials here without being disturbed...



Hey there, if you plan on doing any serious digital painting, I would highly recommend investing in a Wacom tablet if you can. Painting with a mouse is REALLY hard, and most folks liken it to painting with a ‘brick’. :slight_smile: I think it’s ok for a bit of experimentation, but if you can get your hands on a Wacom, you’ll be in good shape. :slight_smile:

Good to see your work here ~ I think the hand is a bit wide. You could fix this easily by Transforming the whole hand horizontally. :slight_smile:




Rebeccak - firstly thx for the review of the hand :); its wide because i havent held it straightly, but in an angle with fingers facing away from me (if they were straightened of course) in order to make a ‘more interesting’ gesture :D, secondly i have managed to get a wacom tablet by now - graphire2, BUT its only borrowed from school (not really without breaking the school rules, but nobody knows except for my IT teacher :B). Fact is that i really enjoy the work with it, and also that im in extreme money shortage so its very difficult for me to buy one… I think the most reasonable thing for me would be the graphire3 classic, but its in A6 format and even this model costs freakin 150$ in my country… When i’d consider buying the intuous (whatever model…) it would mean either that or a new comp. And in addition i simply cant use my current comp for some serious CG b/c one one hand i have limited disk capacity, on he other there is the slowness of the CPU which causes e.g. the smudging tool in Photoshop to take bloody ages to complete a single stroke… (766@950 MHz Celeron3 w/ 66 MHz FSB, 384MB SD RAM, GeForce 2MX 32MB…) The theoretical maximum budget for a new PC (this means this PC is still only in my dreams) would be round 700$



Ah, then I think you are an excellent contender for use of the uber~cheap and super fantastic pencil and paper technique! :slight_smile:

Seriously, I think it’s better to start out learning Traditional methods anyway ~ you will be better trained as an artist, in my opinion, if you start out using good old fashioned Traditional Art Materials such as pen, pencil, paper, paint, etc. :slight_smile: Why not just buy a cheapie sketchbook and some drawing pencils, sharpener, and eraser, and practice drawing the good old~fashioned way? I really think it’s better! ~Particularly when you are starting out.

What do you think?

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Rebeccak, hehe, why didnt i think of you saying this? :smiley: Well, i have been going to art
school for 8 years (from my sixth year on), so im not that kind of a noob in the traditional
methods :slight_smile: i even had enough time to forget some things about my shading technique ^^, as for the digital drawing, i enjoy the lack of the messyness that is present in traditional art :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone…posting after a loong time…

Thanx for watching :slight_smile:



Wow, Shyam, these are fantastic studies, and exactly the kind of thing I think most people should do to improve their drawing skills and understanding of anatomy. Great stuff, thanks for posting! That second page of skeletal hand drawings especially is really nice stuff ~ your linework, as usual, is really confident / descriptive without going overboard. Great to see you back on the boards! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



HEY !! no one is here :eek: anyways…im back now :smiley:


Woah!:eek: shyamshriram, those are fantastic! Did you go from reference or what?


Thanx mate :slight_smile: yeah some of from photo…and some of my own hands :smiley:


I concur! Beautiful work! :thumbsup:

You know, I think in the future we should work on doing extended compositional workshops…let’s put these studies into action! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



:bounce: SURE Rebecca …will post as much as i can ! Thanx :slight_smile:





shyam - these as well as your work in the sketchathon are really inspiring. :bowdown:


Did these some time ago <> thought they might be of interest


shyamshriram: Those sketches are fantastic! Were all the sketches done in the clean manner, without erasing?


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