Hands - Post Your Hand Studies - 2D / 3D TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL



This thread is dedicated to the study of HANDS in 2D / 3D TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL MEDIA.

Please post your best HAND STUDIES here!

[u]Please post:[/u]

[b][/b]1. Your BEST WORK!
2. Medium used
3. Time spent to complete
4. A bit about your process

Thanks in advance for your posts! :slight_smile:



Some studies of my own hand:

Pencil, I guess each took about 10 minutes?


Those are looking really good :slight_smile: I like the stylized shading. Do you veer more toward comic book styles or realism in most of your art?



theseraphimabove: Thanks! My figurative work has always tended to veer towards comics/cartoons. I’m still working on the realism :slight_smile:


YeeWu, I like the style a lot. I´ve spotted a mistake, the upper hand, check the ringfinger, it looks broken :smiley:

also my own hands, the first one is done with pencil, 20mins I think dont know it exactly cause its an old one

ballpen, 15minutes I would say


Heey! Here’s mine

ref was my hand… this one is an old one… the nails are extramely cracked… sorry for it, this picture was a part of a concept.:shrug:


brute…check out loomis’s rule of curves for hands…



Well, i checked the link, its very usefull, but i couldnt find the problem with my hand… maybe the thumb is a bit short?

Can you comment plz?


well u hand doesn’t follow the curve that well.

Where ur fingers start,u have more or less a straight line instead of a curve,so it looks as if when ur fingers are streched out,they will all be the same size.

i can’t really crit as i don’t know what ur actual hand looks like,and everything i say could be completly wrong.


Oww! I see what yo talking about !

U are right! Thanx for the qrit this is REALLY helpfull! I completly forgot this…


Not exactly a study, just an experiment with pen and water in Painter Classic. 45 mins.

I know there’s something wrong but i can’t spot it. Critiques anyone?


these are past studies, the first image is a compilation, and the last two were done without any real reference. Not sure how much time i spent on the first two, but the last one i did today, i’d say, 5 minutes or so…not completely sure. done in pencil

hope this is cool. I freaking love this sub-forum!


wow Solar… those look freakin awesome :slight_smile: maybe add in some lighting to create the illusion of mass… but even without it, they look 3D. very nice



This is my hand.

It took me about 20 min.

Hate the way I draw… In the process I allways lose the 3d look. It turn out as a slopy 2d picture…

I love Labers 2nd drawing with the pen. That is ,my cind of way" to make skeches…


Laber: Thanks for the comment! My fingers are actually pretty double-jointed, so they can do weird things. I meant to exaggerate that, but perhaps I may have taken that a bit too far, as you pointed out. You have some nice hand drawings :slight_smile: Your top drawing, the fist, looks like it has an extra joint in it.

Maxell: I think your drawing is pretty solid, but you’re losing some form when you have the the outer part of the hand concaving instead of convexing. Also, the bony part of the wrist should appear further back, more to the left, as it begins before the thumb area does.


Hands are always hard for me, and feet…and ears!



I really like your Photoshop style, it’s very cool. Would you consider doing some anatomy (skeleton / muscle) studies in this style, or have you done any already?

It would be cool to see :slight_smile:



Thanks! I might have some time on sunday, I will take a look at the skeleton / muscle studies thread and try to post something! :slight_smile:


Hello all. This is a bit old hand study of mine (don’t mind the nails =)). It’s pretty rough though, sorry about that. Thumb went on the border too (whoops). Maybe I’ll try to do a better one some day.

Less than one hour I think. Graphite pencil on paper.


Very nice hands, guys!


some more stuff, a little more recent, YAY!