Handling After Effects Curves


I am wondering why the Interpolation Curves
in after effects are so complex,

is there a way to handle the curves as easily as
in 3Ds Max, Maya ?


Anyone …?


? :wavey:


you mean that they behave strangely compared to max/maya? in max, at least, the curves are just bezier splines, which is really easy to work with, I agree, but in ae/photoshop they are horrible, I agree. My solution to this is simple: stop using curves. That’s what I do, I just use levels 99% of the time.


by defaut after effects curve show the acceleration, not the actual values. It means that when the curve is flat, your object is moving linearly. When the curve goes up, your object is accelerating. When the curve goes down, the object is decelerating.

You can also switch to value curves through a small menu at the bottom of the curves panel. However certain tracks like position contain three values, and can’t be edited by default with value curves. You have to separate the dimensions into 3 tracks before you can use it with value curves (right click on the track -> separate dimensions).


Sadly this doesn’t work for all position controllers, like for example in the “transform” effect. And even with normal tranformations the curves regularly act up, creating weird bumps in the animation. I really hate AE’s curve editor with a passion.


Oh yeah I hate them too, especially the fact that you can’t select and move or scale a bunch of keys simultaneously.

The idea behind it was that in a 2D workspace, you would only need the spacial curves (the direction of the movement) and it’s acceleration. That makes a lot of sense, but it behaves poorly when you try to follow different workflows.


Thanks friends,
this has solved a lot of my problem,
using value curves and dividing into 3 dimensions

it’s better than before,

i agree with you all about
the problems that exist,
i was thinking i donot know how
to use curve editor well,

but now i come to know
curve editor problem,

With Aperez’s solution
a lot become easier, (i am also converting
curves from linear to bezier)

but i am afraid , what Laserschwert has said
if i have to face that trouble (but hope for best)

Thanks for helping me,
You resolved my very big prob


I enjoyed that series of haikus. Are you a poet?


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