Handgun Unwrapping tutorial


What more can I say that isn’t said at the page. Umm … if you want to learn MY WAY of unwrapping hand-guns for PC games then click on the following links:



Mirror thanks to Rens Heeren




didn’t read it yet , but thanks for sharing :thumbsup:


It’s a good tutorial. I read it about a week ago on that other forum winks at Freebie


nice tut, thanks for doing it!


Very interesting, especially the part where you detached the barrel. I did not know you could detach the barrel, put a cylindrical uvw, then re-attach with the unwrap UVW modifier unrolling it so nicely. If that works, you have just saved me a crapload of time. I was doing it manually! I figured there was a way but only was able to use that planar map so far.

Thank you!



Glad you all liked it. I only recently learnt the technique with the cylinders. But you don’t really need to detach it. You can also just select the right pieces in edit mesh then apply the UVW map tool. To get this to work on diagonal cylinders you need to expand the UVW map modifier option on the stack and select gizmo (just like you choose ‘select face’ on UVW unwrap).
Then rotate the gizmo to represent the direction your cylinder faces in. This is not always perfect but its the best method I’ve discovered short of recording the rotation the cylinder is on and manually turned the gizmo to that exact rotation.


Link is dead right now, hope it’s not permanent. But I seem to remember the steps and think I figured it out.

What I did was grab the polys in my cylinder then apply an UVW map to just those. After fitting it properly I would apply an UVW unwrap and get the desired result. But my particular weapon has 2 cylindical areas I wanted to unfold. I will attach a screengrab so you can see what I mean. Escuse the crappy model, just trying to learn this one part real quick

So here is where I had the problem, anytime I wanted to go back down to grab some more faces it would give me some message that said it wasn’t a good idea. After messing around for 15 mins, I tried collapsing my stack then was able to apply a new uvw and it looked good after repeating the process. But am just curious if I’m missing a step? It looks fine as you can see but don’t remember anything about having to collapse and re-apply. Learn it right the first time I always say. Your opinion on this technique?


P.S. This is going to save me soo much time it not even funny. Thanks again!


yeah…the link didn’t work for me either…:frowning:

judging by everyones praise, it was one worth reading…

if you could let me know if you put it back up, that’d be awesome… :thumbsup:




Umm … collapsing the stack and re-adding the UVW unwrap modifier is a useful tool. I use it many times during a single unwrap and I find it provides the best results because you can organise things, unwrap specific parts without involving other parts and add numerous UVW maps to separate parts of your mesh.
I don’t completely understand your problem but I think you did the right thing barring 1 step. If you don’t mind mirrored sides you can select half the faces on a cylinder, mirror them (so the top and bottom are still connected) and reconnect them using snap. This saves a lot of space and may come in handy when packing. Also, with your Ak-47 you may want to join both barrels and use the same texture if you’re more worried about resolution then about variation. However that is not always the way to do it.

Sorry if the server is down at certain times. The link is hosted at a local gaming cafe and is generally pretty reliable but isn’t the best and I can’t do much about it. If anyone wants to mirror it then please email me because I’d be more then happy to allow it as long as I get a link.


Sorry, I probably didn’t explain it well enough. But you answered it regardless. I was asking if there was a way to apply multiple uvw cylindrical maps to a mesh without collapsing it. But I can either detach them like your tutorial or collapse them as I go. Either way this will speed me up a whole lot!

You wrote a great tutorial, thanks again man!

-Deathcricket Out-


hi for all

im new




A lot faster now :wink:

Good luck!

  • Rens


Thanks Rens Heeren for the mirror ! :thumbsup:


yeah…thanks dude… :smiley:

i’m d/ling now



I wonder if I should do another tutorial like this for vehicles and explain the parts that might be done differently. I could at least do one for static (eg. tiled) objects because that is also an important lesson for a modeller or skinner to learn.


actually ,if you can paint what you already unwraped in photoshop , why not making a tutorial on that , i mean painting over seams (( or the whole painting part )) not something so hard , at least just the basics .
anyway any tutorial are always welcome . and thanks for your time .


I’m not the right doing a tutorial on skinning \ painting. I was in turn taught by a large number of other skinners who are all still leaps and bounds ahead of me especially in terms of speed. I did the tutorial on unwrapping partly because a lot of them didn’t know how to do it and I was sick of doing it for them :slight_smile:


Yes please, your last tutorial was very helpful and most appreciated. :thumbsup:


I love u, man.I was just posting some pics and a question for u guys to help me with a gun texturing tutorial.
I modeled a Beretta_9000 and got stuck at texturing.Will post final model.

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