Hand Sculpt .


Hey All , i wanted to share with you a hand of a project am working on from a Tut , please share with me what do you think , what are the weak and strong parts .

Hands Back : ](http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/nightiwalker/media/Artistic%20Anatomy%20Study/HandsBack_zpsbe07f94e.jpg.html)[/IMG]

Hands Front : ](http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/nightiwalker/media/Artistic%20Anatomy%20Study/handfront_zpscdd8720d.jpg.html)[/IMG]


The subtle details like wrinkles in the skin, tendons on the back of the hand, and fingernails look nice but the general proportions look off. The biggest thing that pops out at me is the fingers are too small. They are usually (roughly) the same length as the hand; yours are significantly shorter. Check anatomy references of the bones of the hand and wrist. (A lot of Gray’s anatomy drawings are free online on wikipedia and elsewhere). Hopefully you haven’t deleted your subidivision levels in zbrush, so you can scale up the fingers at a low level without screwing up the finer detail too much.


That was very helpful, i noticed that the fingers was thin but now I also see they are short too, am gonna do more practice and check more anatomy references thanks bro