hand arm texture


I`m doing this for a HL2 mod and i figure its going to be in view for alot of the gameplay, so I want the texture to be as good as humanly possible.- PLEAAAASE- tear it to little pieces

(model by sam greer)


Great work, maybe only the end of thumb looks a bit weird (hand on the right side of the picture), but maybe it’s only because of view angle…


WOAH thats very nice … for the neotoky mod ? :wink:

I loved it for ut2004 hope it will be as good as it was for ut2003.

Good luck.


The big light grey screw like things could look more raised or embedded into material. Do they havea bump map? If so, perhaps up the settings.


thats just great. i was “touching up” the texure of the arms i made for the FPS view in my mod (not touched the arms since august). seeing this, i think i’ll take a trip back to the actual model and redo it to match this peice of work :smiley:

add that to the to do list :slight_smile:


added and bump and a spec- and some scratches –
anything bug ya?


Much. much better. I am sure you agree yourself. Your spec map on the first three fingers (index to ring finger) is a little too perfect. On your pinkie you have scratched it up, which is good, since those gloves would not stay perfectly unscratched on the fingers for long.


I would add that orange thing with the text again.

But jea nice work and much better with the scratches. :thumbsup:


I would add much more scratches to every corner of the metal. Maybe first let a white underlying layer of paint show though, and then the bare metal.
The surface will have to go through a lot, expecially the parts on the knuckles will be bumped and scratched all day long.

Great stuff!


One of the best hand models I’ve seen for any mod! Which mod is it btw? Do you guys have a website?


“Nakanitsu”?:shrug: nani kore?


Nice, I still am not a big fan of those big screw things, they just seem a bit out of place. You could still use a few more scratches and such up on the arm. I agree that the orange strip could stay, I did kinda like that. Really nice though, I wish I couold model a hand that good.


great job! a big improvement over the first post, nice work!


I think it looks great, but the problem for me is those screws are so big and yet they don’t stick out at all.

Instead of using a bump map, why not use a Normal map? HL2 supports that…so I don’t see why anyone would use old bump maps anymore. I just think that would help with the flat-looking screws which don’t look like they’re on a flat surface actually…they look a little bent…I don’t know if it’s just the viewing angle.

Anyway, that’s my suggestion, though even as it is, the model looks great.


Yeah, smell gooood :slight_smile:
Like always , good piece of texture work. As I saw few post before, only thumb need a bit more attantion. And forearm(?) need more scars and destruct, but I always destroy everything:)
Konstruct, where is the rest?? Or its an arm from the accident?? Give us a flesh:twisted:


yeah i dont know about the screws…- there not really even suppoded to be screws just asian tech stuff. so there supposed to be reletively flat- but I agree the mesh should be flat before I start mapping any flat details:shrug:

its for the mod neotokyo and its the arm for the GSDF first person view.
thanks for the intrest!

stay tuned on the site for some really cool upcoming media-


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