Halowars, Alessandro Baldasseroni (3D)


Great stuff man! Congrats on the front page!


good work :slight_smile:


You never cease to amaze me bro… Im lucky I get to work along side of you. Awesome!!


Excellent! Very high-quality work, nice style and composition, pleasant colors of environment! As always great work!


“Mommy, when I’ll grow up I want to be like Alessandro!”:bowdown:
The coolest thing to me, is that it does not even look like CG!! Something worth printing on expensive photographic paper :drool:


Fantastic job…


Great texturing…5 stars :thumbsup:


yep…great job again
love the color theme…it really make the illustration:thumbsup:


awesome picture!! model doesn’t stand a chance against your hunter tho…just a nice model.


Very nice work!


fantastic, 5 * :thumbsup:


I recognized your style immediately , big fan of yours :slight_smile:



wow! , i feel honored for the front page :slight_smile:

Thank you all guys for the appreciation , it really motivates me to do more illos of this kind !

mrkrzysiek , ahmedmax , Digiegg , illuzionizt ,JasonLin, Anaverkin, Sauron, met-out , turx ,MichaWha, Crayfish, DDS : THANK YOU!

collings : Glad you like it Nicolas !

Bif : Hope everything is fine with you Bif as well , sorry i didnt find time to talk to you before...love the direction that your art has taken, cant wait to see more.

nosaj : Thank you for the kind words … btw the pleasure is mine as well Jason :slight_smile:

B-Max : Grande Max , sono contento che ti piace :slight_smile:


awesome work as usual, Allesandro! :thumbsup:


keep making kick ass work and we will keep plugging :wink:


wow amazing work & nice details
& the modeling is very great with color + light

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:


as always a very great job :applause:


outrageously good. I love your style. 5*s easy


GREAT work! Keep on rocking!
Best regards, Selwy


Fantastic quality,keep posting those illos :applause: :applause: