Halo Wars 2 - 'Awakening the Nightmare', Keith Beltramini (3d)


Title: Halo Wars 2 - ‘Awakening the Nightmare’

Name: Keith Beltramini

• Lead Scene Assembler
• Environment Modeling/Texturing
• Set Dressing
• Lighting
• Look Development
• Rendering
• Compositing

Halo Wars 2 - Awakening the Nightmare
Studio : Blur
Client : 343 Industries

I was a Lead Scene Assembler on this project. I modeled the battlefield and flooded battlefield variant and did the set dressing. When other scene assemblers joined on the show, I provided look development files and guides. Working closely with Darren Butller, the CG Sup, I lead a team of artists for the duration of this project. These are my main shots, except the last image, which Gary Christian worked on - showing some environment assets.