Halo model extraction



i want to make a cg model of the monitor seen in halo.
i would like to use the original model from the game as reference.

i tried to extract the mesh with HTM3 to obj format.
but i only get this

one line.
the point count is right but the gemetry is destroyed.
i tried to open the obj file in polytrans and lightwave, same result.
i opened another obj file in milkshape, that worked.

i dont know what i have done wrong, i tried this on 2 PC.
i hope anyone can help me!



Well try to delete that long poly and hit a to expand it to fit screen. Scale could be off.

Hit W to see how many polys/points are in there. if the numbers are right most likely one of those dots is an actual model.

Oh could you tell me what utilities you used to export the models. I wanted to try to do that and the tools never seemed like they came out.

One other thing. Try Milkshake if all else fails it has an export to lwo plugin and should be able to open the halo models so try to. I think I had to use that plugin on some quake 2 models to keep them from messing up.


i had the same thought, thats not the problem

as i wrote in my first post
i tried to extract the mesh with HTM3 (Halo Map Tools 3) to obj format.

do you mean milkshape?
the screengrab in my first post is from milkshape

i realy have no idea whats going wrong during the export!


Sorry last time I was looking at halo the map tools were still to be released didn’t recognize HMT reference.

Anyway I downloaded milk, htm3 and dug into my copy of halo.

When doing an export of a model is askes yes or no to some question about compatability for reimport. since you just want to take it out just select no. when I selected yes it had tons of 2 pt polys all over.

It comes out inside out. Just flip the polys in lightwave. BTW LW can import obj and 3ds files directly. just do file open and show all to see them. LW 8 shows them automatically.

The model comes in sideways and from the look of the UV map so does it…lol

I tried to import the cyborg. did the most detailed and clicked no when asked. it looks good but UVs are destoyed. will have to see if there is a way to flip UV mapping.


what map where you looking in foro the screen? and where would i find it? want to try to export it too to see if i can figure it out


no problem

i tried both sttings

i know. i often use the obj file format for conversions but in this case i got the same result as in milkshape

thanks for your effort
please check your pm


thats how the cyborg model looks imported in lightwave

have a look at the grid size!!


i have tried to export the RAW model

now i have got

any chance to open or import one of this files???


here comes a detailed explanation of what is going wrong

  1. i open the C10.map of HALO PC (i also tried the map fiels of the XBOX version after i decompressed them,)

2.select the monitor model in [mod2] Model (PC) and click export.
for the YES and NO i tried both.

now save the file

everything looks fine

  1. bring up milkshape 1.7.1 and select import - obj

    select the exported obj

    and thats the look of every exportet Halo obj!

    what have i done wrong?

  2. i tried to open it in Lightray3D, and i got an error message

  3. and this is how it looks in lightwave

i hope someone can help me to find the problem.


Got The Same Problem:(


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