halo grunts (ANIMATION), ben falcone (3D)


Title: halo grunts (ANIMATION)
Name: ben falcone
Country: Canada
Software: Digital Fusion, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

(QUICKTIME, 6megs)

I started this a few months ago, inspired by a little halo toy i had sitting on my desk, some freinds at work wanted to help out, so it got rigged and animated.

Model*/texture/light/comp: ben falcone
animation: shaun escayg
rig : mikkel grosland

*needler gun model by anna terekhova

all comments welcome.



really nice models, would be awesome if halo3 had that level of detail heheh


very good work mate and the animation leaves me wanting more, so DO MORE :slight_smile:


Shaun sent me a link to this last night. Great Job on the whole project!

I agree with ddatmax3ddotorg, give us more!


I didn’t notice you linked the animation at first - looks great! The textuing is especially kickass.


You guys have done a great job. Highly professional.
I agree with others, we want more…


great work there- the whole thing rocks!
5 stars from me


Great work, your modeling and textures look awesome. This is how bungie’s cinematics should look. Alexi


5 stars from me. I’m curious what Bungie would think of this?


I don’t like the composited ground, but all the CG elements are amazingly modeled/textured/animated/rendered! Fantastic, keep it up!


Wow! I would love to hear what Bungie thinks of this!!! I like it because it doesn’t look like it is a filmed movie or cinematic, seems more realistic.

Great job, I want more!! lol

BTW, how long did that little bit take to render?


its looks awsome. modelling and lighting is great.
you have one grunt in the back right that looks like as if it has just been shot, so you think about adding bullets flying by or hitting that grunt.

just a suggestion


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