Halo 4 Opening Cinematic



Looks very nice. Does anyone know which studio was responsible for this?


Thanks :slight_smile:

This was done by Digic, and we also did the Epilogue for the game. I’m sure it’s already on youtube, but please don’t spoil the ending yet :wink:


I was pretty blown away by the intro. I really admire Digic’s work. It always has soul, something I feel most other CG cinematics lack. I actually thought it was Blur’s work because they did the commercial and was going to say that I felt it was Blur’s best work so far but it doesn’t surprise me that it was Digic. You guys really know how to not just create beautiful CG, but also truly tell stories cinematically. Your editing is beautiful and the acting is top notch. Nothing but high praise.


Nice work.


When I saw the first face I knew it was Digic. Nobody renders as great as they do:) And it has the typical Arnold shader style. Also it was quite similar to the Mass Effect trailer with the alien invasion scenes.
Anyway I love your work Digic, keeps me motivating so much.


all cg trailers just look so much better than the mish mash cg/real footage ones that seems to be making a resurgence. Great work :slight_smile:



great work!



What an interesting opening sequence. I am intrigued now as to where the story will go. And wow the animation looks sexy. I wander how big the team was that made the sequence? Non the less amped to check Halo IV out


This is incredible work! Congrats to all those who worked on the cinematic!

I loved Digics Mass Effect 3 Cinematic, but I think they just took this one to a whole new level with Halo 4.


Really good job on the absolute hardest animation out there. Skin with slow subtle action is the worst to get right.

One of the best I have seen yet.


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