Halloween Facebook Cover project


Halloween Facebook cover sketch

Halloween is coming up! For months I’ve been planning on changing my Facebook cover to artwork that fits an artistic guideline:

The Facebook cover space must act like a viewfinder to a realistic space.

One way of achieving this is by having a foreground object in actual size. You can also just scan a bunch of postage stamps and concert tickets and post them in actual size in 851x315 px @ 72 dpi. I’m planning on creating a mail slot with a monster looking inward.

I’ll try making the face and mail slot frame in Silo. But the texture and lighting will be done in another program. Now I wish I kept the manual because it had a good lesson on eyeball modelling.

BTW: do mail slots open inward or outward? If I want the monsters finger to lift the lid I should make sure it’s in the right direction.


Here’s my first mock up of how I could arrange the main parts. I found a website that gave similar steps on eyeball modelling as the Silo Manual.

I’m more convinced I should try doing the Wolfman head because I want to mold the heavy eyebrows later.


Eyelids and Eyebrow test

I’ve taken the point-by-point approach to the face because the last time I tried carving into a bust I got lost in splitting it up. This is the left side of the face which I’ll mirror later on. I’m not sure if I want to build a whole face because I’m just going to export it into Lightwave later to play with the FiberFx feature. The eyebrows still need to be built up but it’s forming that expression I’m aiming for.