Halloween (Animation)


Hey All,

Here is an animation that I have been working on for 3 ½ years now.

It is not completed just yet. But here is the site so you all can see images, concept art
and animation test as well as the teaser trailer.

Stay tuned guys, i’m almost done!



3 ½ years :eek:… the new finding nemo?

the teaser dont tell mutch, hehe…

and nice website :slight_smile:


Very cute, It’s true… it should be longer. This short clip leads you wanting more and more… and you guessed it… more…



Hey guys,

Thanks for the replies, I’m gonna try to put something together as far as a longer trailer. It’s just that i’m trying to get this animation out by or before Halloween. THings are looking good as far as me getting that done.



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