you will need adobe shockwave, should auto install








ground motion



dress plodding along



arch hall



get behind



set 6



a little motion



cloak, its rough


a little fun with the cloak









woa that hurts my eyes, I think you need to get yourself a much less complicated character and focus on the principles of animation more. You’re getting too distracted with the hair and camera and strange environments… sure the hair flops down in secondary motion but the rest of the body moves so unnaturally that it takes away from it completely.

I would recomend posting just one animation and focusing on that.


a little post



I have to agree with Phredrek where I’m not sure what you are try to do. Maybe you should tell everyone what you are trying to accomplish. I also think you might want to start with something alittle easier because it looks like you bit off more then you can chew. Start with the basics then move on to charater stuff. Mostly I just don’t know what you are trying to do? Do you have a story? If you do let everyone know so they can comment on it.


your looking for all natural movement but the post are not attempting to be all natural. with where we are with software depending on the animation system your using. that can be achieved by doing pose to pose and letting the animation do the in betweens and just dealing with timing. the majority of my post are not using pose to pose, there meant to be a little odd and there also meant to be quick Im spending 30 minutes to an hour on them

as far story goes dark in nature


Hmmm, tyree I’m not sure you get what the guys are trying to say.
It doesn’t matter if your trying to create a natural or fanciful character
animation, what matters is believability.

Your characters look like they are composed of no bone or muscle what
so ever, also no spirit or character.

If your trying to bang out little animations in under an hour, what are you
trying to achieve? Animation cannot be treated like speed chess, there is
little to no point throwing work out that quick.


I disagree speed in regard to doing anything artistic has a value. it may start off rough but it does get better

float 2

float 3

float 4


Yes it is true what you are saying that doing anything artistic has value, it’s just that your art ironically looks just like early student demo reels which is why we were trying to give some tips that might help. And if you are going to try to eventually try to find work in the animation industry, this sort of style won’t make it possible to find employment.

Well if you are doing something purely artistic and has nothing to do with human movement, then perhaps this forum isn’t for you because that is what we are used to comment on.

If you want to learn animation then we can help you.


by all means give your critique, about what you think is flawed I take it all under consideration and what Im doing is simply a process and I sayed speed in relation to whatever your doing artistic has value