Half-Life 2 World Design at Siggraph


Here are some screenshots from this year’s Siggraph presentation about the HL2 world design by art director, Viktor Antonov.

For more on the presentation visit: http://www.planethalflife.com/features/articles/sigg04/


Wowza! Those are extremely beauuuuutiiiiiifuuuuul!

Thanks for posting these Ariel. Can’t wait to get this game.



thats funny…the first thing I thought when I saw these was

“yowza” but georgie beat me to it… with a w instead of a y, but at any rate.

vedyvedy good.


So beautiful, can’t wait for that game.

Ariel, do you know whether Valve do the music in house, or do they outsource this ?


Gotta love the outdoors, those pics look awesome.
Big change from doom 3… it freaks me out with the confined areas.


Sniff, sniff… My 'puter will NEVER be able to handle those graphics!


I’m looking forward to this like a hardcore Christian looking forward to the second coming of Christ.

I really hope I won’t be disappointed. The first game changed my life (turned me into a hardcore gamer), so I have extremely high expectations for this one.


I’m not Ariel but I can answer that question anyway: In house. All sound-related stuff is done by Kelly Bailey.




LiiMuRi prepare to be amazed by the flexibility of HL2… Maybe you won’t be able to play with such good settings but it will still look good. Valve has designed the source engine to run on a many number of computers running as far back as Directx 6.0 video cards and 1 ghz cpu’s.’

Oh yeah, This game will surely move me deeply like no other game…


Very cool, I like the art style quite alot. Cool landscapes :slight_smile:


OOOOooooh baby !!! come to bluemagic


Actually minimum DX requirement was lifted up to DX7 since DX6 cards didn’t have enough on board RAM to keep the most minimum amount of textures to make the game work :slight_smile:


Dayum I CANNOT wait!!!..gimme gimme


ha, that is a great analogy, I was going to say that when this game comes out I’m going to be all over it like a fat kid on a Ho-Ho!

not to mention that there is finally a game with easy import/export with XSI.


you could also say you will be all over it like white on rice…

hey those screen shots are awesome…I hope my computer will run it at those resolutions…I have been waiting forever for this game…we finally got doom3 but now we need half life 2…does anyone know when the release date is…??


Steam preload of graphics, audio and other stuff like that which won’t change anymore in HL2 will start on 17th this month and as far as I know, the final debugging process is going so well that they’ll soon ship a first RC of HL2 to Vivendi for approval (if they haven’t done so yet) which means that we’ll get the game in 3-5 weeks.


This shot is most impressive, are these actual enviroments we can play in? Or a tech demo, demonstarting what valve can do? That looks like a picture to me, no way they could produce that kind of quality , if so, wow…that’s all I can say.


i thought they used that pic as an example to show real life vs. the half life image that was on the next slide

edited by me (mmkelly011881): took off images because aj23 was right

hotlinking big images = bad for phl


oh man. looks better than Doom 3 too me.