Half-Life 2 soon going gold?


Valve’s Doug Lombardi recently said in a Half-Life Radio interview that Half-Life 2 is nearly finished. This news merely supporting word from Valve that they are in the final bug eliminating stages with the game.According to recent conversations we’ve had with Valve’s Doug Lombardi, Half-Life 2 will be passed on to publisher Vivendi for final mastering and duplication within days for it’s early August target. The official appearance will make store shelves sometime in mid to late September.Please keep in mind this information has not been officially announced by Valve and could be subject to change.

If this is indeed true, then the current rumor that HL2 may be coming out in September might hold true. Counter-Strike: Source beta is starting officially August 5th, it should go on for one week, then there’s the final bug elimination stage, and then HL2 going gold.


I have to wonder if there was any hand wringing by ATI directed at Valve. They failed their September 2003 delivery and are now coming out after DOOM3 release by almost a month.

I have one of those HL2 coupons/tickets that came with my X800 Pro ATI card. If there was ever two games that were tied to the Two biggest 3D graphics card companies, Doom3 and HL2 are them. Doom3 has benched better on nVidia and HL2 has had ATI in its corner since last years E3.



because of the cs source it lo=oks like halflife 2 wont slip back much this time unless gods in a pissed off mood :frowning:


Was that English?

Anyways…CS Source looks lame. It doesn’t seem to have any benifit of the new game engine. I’'ll play HL when it comes out, but I’ll pass on CS. America’s Army has it’s hooks in me pretty deeply, so it will take a lot to up root them.


Why because of how its SPELT?

I learn something new on CG TALK everyday. :thumbsup:



I’d like to know why you think CS:S looks lame to you. Can you give any examples?


I saw a trailer of CS Source recently and I wasn’t all that impressed. I’m hoping it was an early test.


CS:S, to me, looked mostly like Counterstrike with slightly shinier graphics, but it didn’t seem to have any of the charm that the videos for Half-Life 2 had… It looks to me like it’s almost entirely a graphical upgrade without adding anything else to the game…

It just seemed… very underwhelming, what I saw of it…


I have never played CS but I did see the higher res video runiing. I agree that it was hard to see exactly what was so improved. I am sure if I played CS allot I would appreciate it allot, Since I don’t…well I don’t.

From a marketing standpoint, if it succeeds the original CS fan base will develop mods and sales for at least another 3-4 years. No doubt keeping the Valve coffers healthy while building HL3.



CS people want the same game on a new engine and that’s what they got. Mappers will fully utilize the engine like they did in the past.


Apparently you’re all misinformed… Counter-Strike: Source is SUPPOSED to be the same as Counter-Strike with better graphics. That’s all is IS. It’s just the same game ported to the new engine. CS:S and Counter-Strike 2 are not the same game. They’ve already said CS2 is in the works, though if it turns out like Condition Zero I guess we can hope to see CS2 around the same time as Half-Life 3! Heh.

As for hand wringing at ATI… too bad for them. You take risks then you’ve got to live with the consequences. ATI was the ones who leaked the DOOM3 code anyhow, it’s just a little Karma perhaps.

Anyhow, I can’t wait for HL2. It’s unbelievable that it’s been almost a year since they were supposed to release it and it’s still not necessarily ready. I surely hope they meet a september date and we can start playing it asap!


Considering that CS:S is out at the same time as HL2 is pretty much an indication that it’s nothing more than an engine upgrade. I don’t really mind, but I do hope that there will be a true Counter-Strike 2 out soon after that uses the game engine to its fullest.

Actually, I’m hoping for a game like Rainbow Six 3 with HL2 engine more, but that’s a different story. :slight_smile:


Counter-Strike: Source was delayed. They might push back the HL2 release date.

Are we suprised? Hell no.


Wasn’t that what I said?


well, i wait to get that game in my hands, but i think and i think.
i think that Half Life is going to be full of bugs, they had delayed it so much now, that it has to be perfect!!! in all aspects.

but in any case i dont think it will be disapointment like DOOM3.
atleast the scenario will be bether :slight_smile:


That’s great! I really enjoyed the first one.

What kind of a hardware config do you think it will need? Graphic card-wise, that is? I can’t seem to play any of these new fancy 3D FPS’s because of my ancient, historical graphic card.


CS:S is nothing new. they took the same game and used a new engine. so, higher res, better sound, and more effects. BUT, they do show maps making use of dynamics and physics. so once the level editing tools come out, look for rounds with destructible walls and other physic features. being able to move boxes around and rearrange the level will add another level of gameplay.

they also did this becuase the game was pretty balanced and has a huge following. the only thing they new to fix is the cheating.


10$ that less than a week after the release of the beta, some cheats will already be available. Cheaters are everywhere.

What kind of a hardware config do you think it will need? Graphic card-wise, that is? I can’t seem to play any of these new fancy 3D FPS’s because of my ancient, historical graphic card.

As said in an interview in Gamespot, the HL2 engine is very scalable. You’ll probably be able to run it on your machine, but to really experience everything, you’ll need to upgrade your computer. As I can see though, you’ll have to change your graphic card. You need a DX9 compatible card for min requ.


Is CS:S going to feature vehicle physics…???

it would be cool absailing from a helicopter, or rolling up in an APC…



this is what i’m talking about. there is nothing stopping a group of modders to make vechiles. CS:S will support it since in HL2, we see vechiles being used. how cool would it be to us a car and open the doors for cover. of throw a gernade under it and watch if explode.

remember, a group of modders made the first CS, nothing is stopping them from making CS:S even better.