Half Life 2 release status



According to recent conversations we’ve had with Valve’s Doug Lombardi, Half-Life 2 will be passed on to publisher Vivendi for final mastering and duplication within days for it’s early August target. The official appearance will make store shelves sometime in mid to late September.

In addition, we will be going to Valve to play test Half-Life 2 very soon. We will be broadcasting from Half-Life Radio and will provide screenshots and on-air interviews. More details on this exclusive play testing soon. Keep it tuned to Half-Life Radio.

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I got quoted Sept. 2nd from EBX but we all know those dates change.


HL2 release date, two days after never. :smiley:


Change that to Duke Nukem Forever.


… On a Thursday, I believe.


Does anyone remember the game TF2 that was supposed to be realised, but never was. At least it will be a good distance from doom3 so i dont have to pick either or.


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