Half Her Heart's Duet, Cynthia Sheppard (2D)


This is a masterpiece! 5 stars are not enough, congrtulations! :bowdown:


This is truly amazing Cynthia. Great colors and layout…Absolutely a wonderful piece.


so beautiful!
I very like your work!
very very nice


beautiful colors…

awesome work man.


You have handled the details very well and the emotional value of the painting communicates accordingly and exceptional work, thanks for sharing.


omg! great work!


its… and the colors… and the spirit of the painting… the symbolism… and light… and more colors… WOW absolutely beautiful, love it love it:love:evrything else has been said already.

i have a question though… why is this not a choice award??


Great work of art, my compliments!:applause:


Awww, that’s very very nice of you to say. One of my pieces from 2 years ago made choice and I would definitely prefer it have been this one instead, but it’s ok. Thanks :slight_smile:


I’m with you on the fence; I didn’t want it to take away from the vines or the dress, but maybe some more texture would have popped it, and made it a bit more consistent with the level of detail elsewhere. As far as the legs go, she’s sitting, so it should be foreshortened, but maybe some additional highlights/shadows on the dress would have made that more clear? What do you think would improve that area? Thanks for the crit :slight_smile:


Massive work, outstanding!


I see where you’re coming from.

I’m not exactly sure if I’m accurate because my anatomy isn’t that great, but the length of her upper arm seems the same length as her shin–or even longer. Even though it’s foreshortened, i don’t believe it should be that short. It might be just me, but she also seems barely balanced on the fence.

I hope you don’t mind if I made a paint-over:

It’s not of humongous importance, but I do believe correcting these could boost a great piece to a godly piece. :slight_smile: I believe in conveying a feeling/story/emotion before conveying only a technically great piece, but when you consummately have both!


I hope this great artwork will go to Cg choice award, it deserve!!

Keep going!



there is a lot going on here…

i am able to imagine some back stories …
perhaps the most beautiful part is her expressions. never seen such in quite some time.
colors and composition work very well too. (maybe i wud like them to be a bit desaturated? but that’s just me :slight_smile: )
this is a cg painting in a long time of which, i wud love to own a print and hang in my room.


Technically I think this one is worth a look. I took much longer to consider certain elements than I normally do, and switched up references a couple times. For example, I had a photo reference of a friend I was using for the dress and body posture, but the hands looked stiff, and a lot like mittens, so I had to change that and referenced my hands instead. I’m really trying to get better about making conscious decisions instead of taking something that doesn’t work and beating it to death. It’s especially easy to let a reference photo make bad decisions for you if you’re not mindful.


In the next frame the man behind her drops a bucket of water on her?


Congratulations. :slight_smile:


Actually your paintover shows that you have a very GOOD grasp of anatomy! And I certainly can’t argue that having both a technically great piece and a great story makes the best illustrative art. I’m still thinking it’s a matter of definition in the dress - it looks from the paintover it might be unclear where her butt is, and that it’s resting on the fence, because of how the dress is flouncing. In your drawing, we’re also assuming that the butt isn’t conforming to the shape of the fence beam, but it’s sitting on top flat like a chair. If it had a bit more “smoosh” to it, we might see the knees raise up a bit, lengthening the shins, but I know that’s a really really nitpicky detail, and I appreciate the time you took to illustrate your point. It’s something I’ll keep in mind the next time I work under a poofy dress :wink:


cool you made it! Great now every time I look at it I see short legs. It’s still fantastic! I think howell has it right. we’ve all been there. I’ve been full time Illustrator for 25 years and still forget…it’s just my reference. do pencils first. then do a tight pencil.


Incredible work! It reminds me a bit one of Marta’s Dahlig images with flying fishes and umbrella, aspecialy the sky and dress. Very well painted.