Hair shader from Bigmuh !!!!


Great stuff but not for maya anyone can make it port it for maya’s MR?

May the next be a photoreal fire shader.


I have just made the files for it to work in Maya but I have yet to find out how or if it works. :wink:

You can find it here:


Will this work for both Fur and Hair? I hope so, because Alias made a huge error in judgement by not allowing us (yet?) to use mental ray’s built in hair geometry and hair shaders for the new Hair system.


Agreed. I expect crap like that from Newtek, not Alias.


…any chance to get this cutie to work with maya ?

from the docs:

“…it’s a hair shader, so use it with hair. It likely won’t work as expected on non-hair objects, since some of the state variables the shader uses for evaluation have special meanings on hair geometry…”


The shader crashes about every time I add a light to it.

Using Maya 6


I’m not 100% sure guys but I don’t think we can use this yet. This is just a hair material shader. What we need is a hair geometry shader. That’s what will generate the Mental Ray hair geometry for us to apply this muhHair shader too.


Only Bigmuh can help us :slight_smile:


This is from the Maya help:

“You now have the option to render Fur in the mental ray renderer. The Fur is created using mental ray’s hair primitive and renders in the main render pass.
Since it is not a post-process, Fur rendered in mental ray behaves like any other object in the scene:
[li]it can show up in reflections and refractions, through transparent objects, and can take advantage of global illumination and caustics[/li][li]lighting, shadows and motion blur match the rest of the scene perfectly[/li][li]artifacts caused by z-depth compositing are no longer an issue.”[/li][/ul]


Ooops good point Pixero. I was only thinking about Maya Hair.

And I can get it to work on fur! Cool! I’ll post a scene and render soon once I get something good!



Ok! It’s a pretty nice shader! Might take a few re-reads of the documentation to fully get what all the attributes do though.

Here’s a scene file showing how I used it (and there’s possibly a better way of course):

I plugged the muhHair shader into both the Base and Tip Ambient slots of the Fur Description so that is takes over all the colouring (and set the normal colours to black). Also, it might be best to give the fur full opacity in the standard fur description controls, otherwise you get like a double-transparency thing happening because the muhHair shader does all that too.

And the Secondary Illumination controls are really sensitive in Maya! My scene uses Final Gather and I had to turn down the Fur Radience to 0.05! Even 0.1 was pretty bright.



Thanks Jozvex for the .ma. I dont have time to play with this beauty but i will soon.


Thanks Jozvex, seem to work. Still crashes alot. :sad:

Why is there no Shading Group node for fur?
Then we could just add it as a MR Material shader and MR shadow shader as in XSI.
I´m not sure we´re using it so its full potential.

There is also the mib_illum_hair shader coming with Maya.
How are you supposed to add that shader to the fur description?

I just thought of something. Would it be possible to “hack” some script in Maya and add the possibility of a custom MR shader to the fur description.
Some kind of override to shading? Anyone daring to try that?


I’ve noticed rendering hair in mental ray uses lots and lots of memory its probably crashing because its run outa ram.


What we need is a hair geometry shader.

Gonzalo Garramuno has written a geometry shader converts pfx hair to mental ray hair primitive ( I did’t try it yet, but seems good.


Now we just need someone to compile those shaders for the masses. :buttrock:


They are compiled.


So has anyone had any success with the pfxhair shaders? I’ve been trying but get nothing but errors and aborts. :cry:


Ok, those compiled shaders are bad. They give errors when I try to render with mr and make it abort. I have them linked properly and everything. They also load properly too.

Somone needs to compile these to work.


CIM: Which shaders are not working? I havent tried the pfxhair shaders and mel. Still a bit unclear how to use it.

I´ve found that there is some nodeid conflicts with gg_mray_shaders and Dirtmap. They use the same nodeid 3000. Just change one of them.

Its also important that you load the shaders in the right order.
I have changed my maya.rayrc. See my post here:

Hope this helps.