hair in max


hey ya i dunno if you all know or care but according to mr alter himself (or at least an employee) is porting shave to max…unless they brought the code from splutterfish, they have the page ready at just says coming soon atm.





why edit/delete?

ps @ thorn3d - really like the city scapr images on ure site


s+h has been in the works for quite some time,

joe alter had an agremeent for distribution through splutterfish. splutterfish actually sold a few copies (last year i think). joe alter didnt like some terms/licensing rights/whatever and pulled the product.

so as far as anyone knows, there are a couple legit copies for max out there, but its not for sale anymore. obviously the code base is done, but the entire project is sitting in limbo. no one from splutterfish or joe alter will definitively say what is going on with s+h.

…and we wait.

#5 this is what i saw today, which is new from when i was there 2 weeks ago (ie there was no max page) this link is now on the from page of joealter, so i hop by end of year


You guys should check out Ornatrix if you haven’t already. It’s still in an early beta stage right now but even at that it kicks ass all over most other hair solutions for styling and interactivity.



Ornatrix is prett kick ass, better than shag but then shag developers are releasing hairfx soon which is ment to be wicked, and i think shave would blow that out of the water


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