Hair & Fur - Assign to Element ID


Hi guys,

Im applying Hair & Fur to an object that has multiple elements … is there a way that I can activate it on only one of the elements by setting the ID for it? I know its possible in Vray Fur but im not using that since it doesnt have any dynamics in it whereas Hair & Fur does.




what about just deleting the non-emitting part, leaving whatever left as emitter?


Wont work with my setup, im using tyflow and theirs a lot of cloth materials…

Wondering if I can assign my element ID.


you can select faces you want in sub level


Thanks, can you explain a bit more please, where to find that?


if the emitter is mesh , you will find selection rollout on top of UI , in polygon level select faces , then click update selection
if not mesh (of course , your work is mesh), you can only use illusion method