Hair constraints not moving


[font=Arial]Hi, nuuuub alert :slight_smile:

Grab a hair example from Visor (
Create a few joints.[/font]
[font=Arial] Smooth skin the ‘scalp’ (geometry associated with the hair system) to the root joint.[/font]
[font=Arial] Rotate a joint, everything moves except the hair constraint.[/font]
[font=Arial] I would expect the hair constraint to move with a model as it’s animated? [/font]
[font=Arial] I figure being a beginner I’ve missed something very basic?[/font]

[font=Arial] The constraint is parented to the scalp.[/font]
[font=Arial] I’ve tried removing the parent relationship, skinning then parenting
and tried a number of combinations, even tried a dynamic parent constraint - wotever one of those is …[/font]

[font=Arial]Thanx for your time, any help appreciated.[/font]


does it work when you playblast it? Just a thought.


no it doesn’t playblast.
But then tbh I wouldn’t expect it to if it doesn’t work in persp view.

Thx for your reply though, your the only person who’s read the thread by the looks.


try making your own hair system on the scalp geometry and see if it behaves like youd expect. May be a way to narrow down what the exact problem is…or post your file and ill try and take a look at it when i get home.


I have a model that I originally created the hair system on, but wen I animated it the constraints didn’t move. So I figured keep it simple and grab a hair example and try from there.

It’s very kind of you to have a look at the file. I have created a new clean example from scratch - details in the notes text object.

thanx for your time


k took a look at your scene. Problem there is that the scalp doesn’t actually receive any world transforms as it is skinned to a joint.

I removed the hair constraint from the parent to the scalp then parent constrained it to the closest bone with maintain offset still on. Works for me. Good luck.


ah kool, thanx so much, really appreciate the help.


your welcome :slight_smile:


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