Hair and Toon question!!!!


I have a scene applied toon shader (Toon Ink Lens and Toon Paint) and hair, and when I try to render my scene, unexpected toon lines appear. I wonder if it is some kind of a bug or my setting was wrong… It appears just fine when I turn off Lens shader option in Render Option…
I also tried to render separatly by hair and toon Render Pass, but couldn’t figure out the right way… Guess there are other passes to be needed…
Please help me out if there is a good way to set Render Pass and composite in FX Tree…


To get the hair to comp in properly you’ll have to setup the head with a material with no shaders attached to it. The head will then block out anything behind it (the hair) and anything in front will render. This affects both the rgb and alpha channels. Once you have your masked off hair sequence rendered out, layer it on top of the bald head, and it should work out fine.

Check out the scene file, the middle ball is acting as a matte, and it blocks off anything behind it.


Thank you so muck for your kind answer…!!
You save my life…
really appreciate it… :bounce:


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