Hair alphas help please


Hi everyone, I’m an aspirant animator currently working on a character that I would like to animate.
I modeled the character and now texturing it…

I wanted to try a different technique for the hair, after some research on the web I found the alphas method pretty fine.
I painted the hair in PS and projected the alphas (with a black background) on the hair geometry with transparency (I’m using XSI softimage)
Now when I render it, it makes these black holes (see picture 1 & 2 with and without the character)
Picture 3 is the hair geometry as it appears in the viewport.

What I tried :
-Checked the UV map, it’s not messed up with the texture picture.
-I’m 100% sure there is no overlaping.
-I disabled every shadows for these render
-I tried to invert the alpha but honestly,I have difficulties with texturing
-I tried to render the hair grid per grid (just one at a time), then the problem was gone, so it might comes from the superposition of the grids I made for the hair (but once again, they don’t touch each other, these grids are very close to each other though)
-I tried different layer modes for the alpha picture (over, in, out, screen, etc), still barely the same result
-I picked two hair grids that were working well and tried to overlap and mess them up to see if the problem appears : no

Texturing is sometimes beyond my understanding …
Does anyone have a clue about what I’m doing wrong ?maybe EVERYTHING??!
Well, I hope not but let me know if it’s the case, I’d appreciate, thank you !!


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