Hagia Sophia, Juanjgon (3D)


Hello to everybody …

Here is my first “serious” fiction work. It is inspired over old drawing of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople.

Modeling and rendering ussing Lightwave 7.5. Textures and final compositing done with Photoshop 6.0

I hope you like it …

Best regards,


:buttrock: Amazing work!
Love the lights ambiance!
Very very good stuff!:applause:


:eek: :eek: :eek:

wow what a wonderful scene. What i love in lightwave is the speedy rendering engine.!!
***** stars!


wow very nice modeling and texturing.
how much time you paid for it?


Realy beautiful.Yuo have done amazing job. 5 stars.:applause:


amazing modeling, great work :applause: :applause:
i am from Constantinople (Istanbul). I went to Hagia Sophia yesterday, your model is absolutely real. how did you get the technical details about hagia sophia?

Congrats again.


Well Done:thumbsup:


dude this is frontpage quality!
your texturing capabilities surely rock, that in combination with the excellent lighting makes me wanna wander in your image :love:

I don’t give 5 stars too often, this one surely deserves them


WoW, i love it! looks amazing!!! 5 stars! :buttrock:


Mamamia, GREAT WORK!!!


Whoa. Very Nice. Incredible detail and lighs. :beer:

I love that building. As i think this building was originali an ortodox church. You can recognize that by the roof. They are spehrical the Mussulman temples are with conical roofs. :wink:
This shrine is build originaly by Constantine the Great and then it was burned down in Nika Revolt. And then Justinian I rebuildid in his final form.


That is one beautiful rendering, just outta interest how long did this take to render ??? and at what settings were the montecarlo at ???




nice work.

You must have used a ton of reference piccys for this, no?


Thank you for your comments :beer:

I work on project for about one month, but only working two or three hours in nights … -edit- and some weekends too … i forgot it :surprised

Four 2.4 Ghz P.IV tooks about 12 hours to render it at print resolution (3600 lines) so total render time could be 48 hours.

It is inspired only in one old had-made drawing of building … no other significat reference sources used … so many details are ficticious. No technical data used to model …



Awesome stuff ! Love the ambient ! Really really great work !


Fantastic! Some details please, how long did modelling & surfacing take, where on earth did you get the reference material from?!


Excellent work! I am very impressed.
It must took some time to paint all the textures for it too. did you also use procedurales?


nice work,keep it up


man…simply AMAZING!!!