Guys I need help~~~~!


My Houdini 5.5 is running very very slow these days.
When i put my mouse over a button. It update its state slowly.:cry:
When I create geometris, it update its interface very slow,one button by one button…:cry:
When I change my desktop,the UI update even more slow, still one button by one button,. I don’t know what’s going on with my application.:shrug: :cry:
It is impossible that houdini running that kind of slow in my workstation.Now, even my little laptop run faster than my big workstation.:thumbsdow
Can somebody help me ? Many many thanks!:beer:


Reinstall it!


You didn’t mention what kind of video card you have. If you have an nvidia card, make sure you enable overlays in your video drivers, I think that makes a difference. Also make sure that Anti-Aliasing is turned off, or it will make Houdini VERY slow, like you’re describing.


I got the problem finally. it’s a system envirment variable. I change its value, and Houdini runs as good as before.:beer: :beer: :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m having the same problem… how exactly did you fix it… I just downloaded the apprentice edition and installed it. I assumed it was just going so damn slow because I have a duel pentIII 450 w/ 512 megs of ram and a tnt2.
I know I need a new computer but that has to wait… I just paid my tuition.


Ah, that would be your TNT2. Get a cheap GeForce card.


My Graphic Card is a Elsa Geforce 4 with 64mb DDR AGP 8X. My Desktop is a P4 2.5G with 1G DDRam. When I first run Houdini, it runs veryvery good, but later it runs so slow that i can’t stand that damn speed.Slower than my Laptop with 16mb Gefore Go. Why Houdini studdenly runs slow…?That’s strange.:shrug:


What environment variable did you change? What value did you change it to?


To Dantea:
I added a value 1 system envirment variable call “HOUDINI_OGL_DBL_BUFFER_FIX” to
my system. :stuck_out_tongue:


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