Guys, Blender might NOT be FREE forever


How naiv can one be. With what money do you think are the movies made? It’s not 100% BI money, that’s for sure.


You name it a business connection, that was teh decission of the CGCookie guys, it has nothing to do with the Blender Foundation or the Blender Institute, and that’s only IF the developer wants, only the addons and assets with a little heart in the title donate to the Blender Foundation.

Again, that something is positive to the Blender Foundation or the Blender Institute does not make it something made by them at all.

How do you know that Ton owns a house? also… I don’t own a house, am I not making a good living? that’s a weak argument… he has his salary, as any other person working in the Blender Institute.


You still mix my answers with an accusation towards Ton, Blender and you. It is not. When it’s about me then Ton could earn even more. He deserves it. He is a clever guy and a clever business man. He made gold out of crap. Remember, Blender once failed as a commercial 3D software. But Ton then managed to make a successful business out of it. Which generates enough income that he can live from it just fine. That’s the “good living” that i have meant. He doesn’t need to collect bottles in the park.

Blender is a business. Simple as that. That it generates most of its income by donations doesn’t change this fact. But despite you i think it is a good thing.

I know that he has a house since one of his interviews with Andrew Price was made in his house. And you should know the Blender Foundation Headquarter too. It’s where the BI holds its commercial trainings. That for BI and BF are unrelated …


Make a better investigation, all the money that enters through the Blender Dev Fund is controlled and it’s usage is completely public, you can look into how the money is spent whenever you want.

This is just a blog post, but you can ask for information about the money whenever you want, they have to give you that information:

And don’t call me naive, I know how the money is spent in the Blender Development Fund, the Blender Animation Studio don’t receive money from the Blender Development Fund and is a totally different company, the Blender Animation Studio is a for-profit commercial company that makes movies in the same way as other studios.

Don’t think about the Blender Institute, the Blender Animation Studio or the Blender Foundation in the same way you may think about companies like Autodesk, their target is not the same and their manners are not the same either.


Yerah, and the earth is flat.

Seems that we have reached the end of the discussion.


Again, Blender is not a business, a business has to make moeny that goes to other places, the Blender Development Fund money goes to the Blender development, and the Blender Foundation is not a for-profit organization, the businesses are the Blender Animation Studio and the Blender Cloud, and they have income from both of them, specially from the Blender Cloud, that is the real business and that pays for a big part of the Blender Animation Studio.

Regarding the house… I also lives in a house… but I rent it… the Blender Foundation / Institute HQ (lower plant) and the Blender Animation Studio HQ (upper plant in the same building) are rented.

(With that said, I don’t know if he own a house, I don’t, but my parents do and they are not rich at all)


What about close to 100k per month?



So the discussion finished because you don’t agree but you don’t want to check facts… ok, this is the end of the discussion, you are the flat earther here, you are the one that don’t want to dig into the facts, but don’t spread miss-information based in your ideas and subjective information that you form by your self by ignoring other sources and facts.

The fact is that what you say is product of a weak investigation about the matter, and it seems it bothers you that someone points out that what you say is subjective and not true.


And once more… that’s the Blender Development Fund, that money goes to the development of Blender and related matters, pays salaries, I gave you the blog post report, but you can ask them for proper reports if you want, they are transparent.


The discussion is finished because you declare every fact that i name as wrong. For you the earth is flat, which is fine for me. So there is nothing more to discuss.


Nope, I declare your “facts” as wrong because they are not facts, and I also give you the proper argumentation and information that explain why I declare your “facts” as wrong.

A flat earther is bothered when their “facts” are declared wrong because in fact, they are not “facts” LOL.

OH…BTW you can even know how much money they do with the actual business of the Blender Cloud, here is the information about the number of subscribers:

So if we assume a mid-term of 10€/month per subscriber with the Blender Cloud they do 55.290€/month, and that’s commercial money, nothing related to the Blender Institute or the Blender Development fund, that’s actual business, and they don’t have the obligation to share the amount of subscribers, but they do.


Oh, now it’s business? Are you sure? :slight_smile:

Geez, i try to convince you since several postings about that. But i am glad that you finally understood it :slight_smile:


You are the one that don’t understand things, I said the same thing from the very begining, but I’ll put it in points ot make it clear:

  • Blender Foundation / Blender Institute: non-profit, money goes towards Blender development, they receive money from the Blender Development Fund, it’s NOT a business. It receives 83.786€/month right now.

  • Blender Cloud: IT IS a business, they spend the money from this in whatever they want, the business is based on services and education material, it generates around 55.290€/month

  • Blender Animation Studio: IT IS a business, part of this is funded with the Blender Cloud and they recieve money form other places, all the money spent here goes towards the different productions, part of it is also for Blender Development that is specifically done for the productions, some of it ends into Blender, some of it ends in the trash because it was too production specific and useless in general.

  • Blender Market: IT IS NOT related to any of the official Blender entities, it’s owned by CGCookie and they can stop donating money to Blender whenever they want, they do the same as Epic, Nvidia or any other donators.

I hope repeating once again the same, but in specific points made it clear.

The fact here is that your “facts” are not facts, but subjective ideas made by ignoring some information and using your opinion as the ground truth.


Do yourself a favour, and do a research what business means. Especially Open Source business.

Trump, is that you? :smiley:


OMG, and now you are accusing me of doing what Trump does, when the one doing demagogy here is you LOL

Again, I explained what is a business and what is not regarding Blender, a non-profit organization is not a business because is non-profit, there are two companies that are a business, the studio and the cloud, the money raised by the formation given by the non-profit is not to get profit (it should be obvious but it seems it’s not) but to maintain Blender and the Institute, the money generated by the two businesses is for whatever they want, they are not tied to any obligation, those two are businesses.

I’ll repeat what I said:

The first fact is that you don’t understand the difference between a business and a non-profit.

Blender is not a business, the Blender Cloud is a business, the Blender Animation Studio is a business, Blender Market is a business, even RebusFarm is a business, they support Blender so you may want to include them in the same bag and I’m sure the Blender Institute has it’s fingers inside Rebus Farm too… right?

You were saying that Blender Market was a business for the Blender Foundation, according to your research, I don’t know how you did your research, but it’s was not a good research.

You were also saying that the movies were done with the Blender Institue money and the dev fund, probably according to your research too.

You were also saying they were doing those 100k (yes, I know you meant the 83k from the dev fund) as a business, when they are not, a non-profit is a different thing.

Once again you are miss-interpreting what I say, and I think you do it in purpose precisely to use it as demagogy, it seems that the second and biggest fact here is that you don’t understand the difference between a non-profit and a business and you want to be the one with reason, and now you try to justify all you said with the definition of business or other ways to do business with open source… and you acuse me of doing demagogy… LOL

There is no more blind than who doesn’t want to see or more deaf than who doesn’t want to hear


Both should be fine. It depends what you need.

With becoming a patron you get mentioned as a patron then. Which makes a good marketing and a warm feeling in the belly. I have unfortunately no idea if this is tax relevant. But it could be possible.

With the cloud subscription you get all the free extra content like the free and open souce content from the free movies , free beginner tutorials, and quite a big bundle of free assets and free example scenes. Selling free stuff is a good business ^^

Have you really not noticed that i haven’t answered to any of your points or wild accusations anymore? That you only talk to yourself here now? I tried to poke you to stop it, with irony, with sarcasm. Nothing helped. You cannot let go.

You are yet another fine example what happens when you disagree with a passionated Blender user, also known as Blender fanboy. It always ends in the good old i am right so you must be wrong discussion pattern . Then comes the accusations with permanent repeating what is the only truth while ignoring all facts and arguments from “the opponent”. Followed by a complete freaking out when this doesn’t lead to a goal.

War. That’s what it is for you. And that’s me out then. I have really better things to do nowadays.

Oh when you folks would just realize what an immense damage you do to your fan product with such attitudes. It is plain sad.

As a Blender user you can of course believe in whatever you want. And when you believe in all the Blender filter bubble propaganda lies, no problem, who cares. But as a professional you need a software, not a religion.


OMG you really are that kind of person, you are the one that called me Trump and accused me of doing what you did and now you acuse me again of doing what you did LOL

It’s ok if you think the conversation ended, then I don’t understand why you keep answering, but keep in mind that I don’t talk to you exclusively, I in fact I could not care less about your opinion because you just distort things so they are accord to your subjective opinion and denies facts, you try to say that a business and a non-profit organization are the same, when they are not.

I explain things so others don’t keep your distorted assumptions as true.


  • The Blender Institute is a non-profit organization
  • If you donate to the Development Fund the money goes to Blender development
  • The only businesses related to Blender are the Blender Animation Studio and the Blender Cloud


Guys sorry for interrupting, if I subscribe to Blender cloud am I supporting blender or is it better to do it via Blender Development Fund like Epic Games (sans the megs grant)


Aww, now i have edited my former post instead of answering here :'3

Okay, that’s really the end of the discussion then ^^


Just that this doesn’t get lost in the order …