Guruware owner takes Ivy Grow down.


i looks like the guy who runs Guruware, maker of the famous IvyGrow plugin for 3ds max has taken it down:

I mean, I guess it is a bit of a rant - and is a kick in the teeth to people who have donated but I can totally understand where the guy is coming from… so I would urge anyone who has ever used the plugin in any commercial product, or for their portfolio, to donate the guy some cash.

It’s a useful plugin that has been around with Max for a while and is part of the landscape.

Personally, I never noticed the donate page, and the guy never really drew my attention to it before, but then I suppose I’ve only been to the site like 3 times or something.


He clearly state that he doesn’t want any donation.
He also state that there has been only a few donations. So, “is a kick in the teeth to people who have donated” is certainly not a nice things to say.


Sigh… I know many developers who shared their work and has stopped now because of this kinds of rude users.
You don’t complain for the free plugins. Period.
If you don;t like it, just don’t use it.


What are you talking about?

i’m going to chalk both of your replies down to you not having English as a first language.

I’m trying to shine a light onto this subject so people can either a: donate or b: consider donating for any scripts or plugins that they do use, for free. Don’t ignore the donate button.

As for it not being “nice” - well, if you have donated in the past and cannot download it now, then I guess, yes, it is irritating.

As for the rest of this:

I don’t understand your point, what point are you trying to make?


You said “the plugin” and “the guy” not “any” script or “any” plugin.
“The guy” clearly said “and please don’t start donating now out of pity, dont need that either”

Because you have donated before, that doesn’t mean that you are entitled to have some right for that plugin.
This plugin is provided as is. and you donated whatever you want to use at that time.
There is no reason to be “irritating”,

What’s my point? Again…
You don’t complain for the free plugins or something freely shared. Period.
If you don;t like it, just don’t use it.


What a pitty. It’s important that those who use ‘free’ tools support the developers in some way. Donating 0.01 in whatever currency can be understood as a dick move, the donator may not even be aware of it but I’d feel the same after giving tools to the community for free.


I’m really not complaining - I don’t know why are acting like this.

Does acting tone-deaf and condescending come natural to you, or do you have to work at it? I mean, it’s amazing how effortlessly you’ve managed to misinterpret everything I’ve said and - without pause - try and find a way to put me down about it.


I’d understand not updating, but taking it down!? That’s pitiful. I’ve done free public work before, and I know how annoying negative and unappreciative feedback can be, but making that control you? That’s just dumb. A more mature choice was to make a significant update and make it commercial, or at least stating that working on it is not worth it anymore. Taking it down and ranting about your desire for appreciation is the just sad and low.


sad news, its a great plugin. I wonder why his other free plugins are still available for download?


Because your comment was not helping at all to make situation better.
He ask exactly what he doesn’t want to see and he exactly mentioned it is not rant.


He has every right to do anything he want.
He did not ask “desire for appreciation”.

It is users who need to be mature. Not the one who shared this work.


In your opinion - but I disagree. I think it would be good for people to show their opinions. I also think he was upset and might have wanted some feedback from the community since he took the time to post it online. Obviously he’s upset - I personally didn’t want to let him stay there without making an effort.

And lastly, this isa forum for discussing 3d max related news. this is news, and we are discussing it.

I just wish you were capable of having a discussion without being so pompous.


I actually want to say thank you for bring this news in here.
I have no problem of discussing this here.
I just don’t agree with what you said.
You may think I’m pompous. But, what you said also could be pompous for someone.


The thing is, I don’t even know what you disagree with, like I said before, I think are missing something out as English is clearly not your first language.

I think you have looked for something in what I said that wasn’t there, and put 2 and 2 together and come up with 5 - and when presented with that possibility you ignored it.

Yeah, you’re being pompus mate.


And who said otherwise? It’s his right to do it, that does not mean he should do it.

Are you asking all people in the world to be mature? That is not happening my friend, there will always be an immature minority of people in this world. That is not a solution, however, ignoring them is, reacting to them like that will just ruin things for the majority of normal people.


Then, do not say “just sad and low”


I think he’s genuinely pissed off.

I mean, he says it’s not a rant - but it is, I guess he just feel insulted by that donation, took a look at the stats from his website and thought “fuck this” - I mean, do a little googling for IvyGrow max and you’ll find all sorts of people talking about it. From tutorials by Evermotion, Vray tutorials, and on Youtube. All of them receiving add money - yet Guruware wasn’t even breaking even on the hosting.

So i think as users we should all have a little think about how hard it might be to throw someone a fiver if we use their scripts.


Yes he can do whatever he wants to do with his plugin. But there is a difference between what is said in the post and what it actually means. The is no “desire for appreciation or money” but the post and the way it is written clearly indicates that is exactly what is wanted. It is what is known as “sour grapes” where you obviously want one thing but deny the importance of that thing when you don’t get it. Then take extra effort to disparage that thing even though you have stated that it is not important .
An example would be: pulling a free plugin, saying a lot of people have donated a very small amount and that over time donations have been minimal, then stating that the .01 donations, donations that don’t cover the hosting costs and appreciation of the internet aren’t a factor. The mere fact of saying that those are not the reasons means that they are the reason. English is strange.
It is wanting to appear to be more mature than people who donate .01, or don’t donate at all, while punishing the internet. Which he is free to do but the post comes across as not being honest about why.


You can misunderstand as much you want. But, He actually wanted to make clear that he never made the plugins for money.
If he wanted money from it, he could have converted to commercial plugin when 3dsMax version requires recompile.

In the end, we are the loser who lost cool plugins.
This is the 3rd one I know at first hand. The dev dropped their work because of immature internet users.


And you don’t think it’s immature to take a plugin off the market that the guy KNOWS lots of people use, because one asshole on the internet donated a small sum of money?

Obviously it’s about money because money was the thing that set him off on his “niot a rant” - he mentions money sveral times in the post,

People on the internet are snid, pompous and belligerent all the time (yourself for example) - I promise you, you could find the cure for cancer and world hunger and you’d get a bunch of trolls telling you what an asshole you are.

I would say it is immature not to reaiise that and rise above it.