Gunslinger WIP


Hello everyone!

    My name is Gabrielle, and this is my first little "work in progress" that I'll be submitting to here. My friend asked me to draw him up a gunslinger for a short story that he's been working on, and I took it as a chance to do some practicing in Photoshop.
    Any feedback/critiques are more then welcome, and I will show the steps that I have so far. Hopefully I'll be able to find time this week to do a lot more, and perhaps, *fingers crossed*, maybe even finish it!
    Initial sketch:
    WIP Gun:
   More editing...
   [center](Not so sure about the mouth yet... And the bandanna is probably a little too saturated for the mood of the image.)
 [left]So, thanks in advance to anyone who happens to stumble across this post and critique it! I appreciate any advice given and I will post more soon! 


A short thought - pick a light source - where is the sun? All your shadows and highlights are rigidly defined by where the light is, so you have to pick where it is before you go further. Second, all your shadows should have your background colors in them i.e. yellow-brown shadows. Hope that helps.



Thanks for the advice, that definitely helps!



Okay, so here’s an update (not done yet) on the shading/changed the facial structure around some more (ignore the neck):

I still don’t know if I want the mouth open the way it is… So that will probably be changed around several times before I like it haha.



I much prefer the other face where he’s gritting his teeth



Yeah, you’re right. I just stared at it for a while and compared the two, and the gritting of his teeth did suit it a lot more. Haha. (Back to editing!)

Thanks again!


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