Gunslinger, Dominic Qwek (2D)


Title: Gunslinger
Name: Dominic Qwek
Country: Singapore
Software: Photoshop

This is a quick concept piece done in photoshop, did a grayscale followed by colours. (see attachment) All CnC welcomed.


Looks Great…:slight_smile:


love the character/drawing really dynamic for such a minimal background
and nice rendering too:buttrock:
love to see what you’d do if you put her in a scene!!


Looks good :slight_smile: Nice to see the workflow too.


Good work, I like her face.


Heyy! I thought ur avatar looked familiar! haha…good stuff…! cheers! XD


giza/ tfwoods3/ Remy - thanks

zilla- nah i dont think i’ll do that. it was meant to be a character concept. nothing more. :slight_smile:

rubberduckie- :slight_smile:


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