guns & robots!


Hi guys, here’s a couple new pics…have a look:


dude, these so rock…lmao nah forreal tho what do u have to do around here to get a reply? these are outstanding man.


AMAZING work. I love the energy in the first and the design in the second.


very cool, but in the second, the design bothers me, the top portion is very organic and smooth, while the bottom is very ‘robotic’ cords and blocky hard edges, you know? but still, cool stuff! i like the grass in the first one.


really nice work buddy !!!":thumbsup:


thanks a lot for your comments, glad you guys dig it. =)


excellent !!


Hey! I really love this style!

Could you please explain what brushes and techniques you used to portray both of these jaw-dropping pieces? I am very interested because I truly enjoyed looking at both pictures.

Once again, awesome job!

Good luck with all your artwork, and rock on! :buttrock:


Man these are great. The colors in both are awesome. Great work



Spitz; thanks, I just use a lot of the default painter brushes…round camelhair, chalk brushes, some of the airbrushes. just by using a lot of different brushes and going over your work you can create some cool texture effects. As for the painting technique, I work from my darks to lights, and concentrate on sculpting masses first, then adding details later…the painting actaully goes really fast, its getting all the details and finalizing the design that takes a while.


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