Gundam Mobile Suit GuAIZ ZGMF-600, Prototype Version


hi. my name is satya. im a newbie here, also a newbie in 3d and digital painting. im making a 3d based on actual action figure with cinema 4d. my work isnt dont yet (since i havnt learn about texture, lighting, shading and bones). there are some parts that seems lil bit different from the reference model (parts that i think is quiet bit hard to make). i made this in about 18hours (nonstop i guess)… want to make them in animation too.

well enough blah blah… here it is:


Dev mode



Reference Model

comments are very welcome.

ps. i found in the internet so many gundam resource for a reference model. also in 3d. but it seem i kinda bit hard too find a resource how to make gundam in 3d. anyone know where can i find it so i can do a modelling gundam better?



The model looks quite nice. Your pictures are very small and it’s hard to see the details, but I can see:

  1. you should keep working on light and material.
  2. Aren’t there way too many polygons in the model?


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