Gundam - 3d World Creative Challenge Winning Entry, Justin Dowling (3D)


Title: Gundam - 3d World Creative Challenge Winning Entry
Name: Justin Dowling
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

I created this image for the 3D World Creative Challenge #10 - it was the winning entry.
It took around 8 weeks on and off in my spare time - I based the model on a toy I bought, and used my own experience to create the textures.
I used a skylight and two omnis to create the lighting. The skylight had a slightly red tinge to it. One omni was created as the sun the other was used just a smidgen for the bounce-back from the wall.
The background image was taken by me on Gloucester Road in Bristol, UK and the robot was composited in by eye.
I used Photoshop to adjust the levels slightly, and to rough the robot up a little to match the quality of the background plate.
I would like to rig the robot using some proper IK one day, and do some aniamtion with it.

I’m actually looking to leave my current job and move into the games industry so I’d be particularly interested in any crits from people working in that sector - do you think work of this quality could get me a job?


Nice work!

Looks great, fantastic render and lightning, gundam is not for me, bt it is great. :thumbsup:


Nice render m8. I hope that you will rig it cause the pose now is not so… interesting.
But overall the render is very nice.

Great job !!


It looks good I agree about the pose, to help the realism i think from the direction of the light his shadow should be hitting the buildings on the right side, and his colors should be a bit more saturated maybe…but it looks great.


i like it…i used to be really into gundam when i was younger…i like it and i like how you placed it in the street…gj


i love this very much…love very real…
and very merge with the background as well…
great work and well done:thumbsup:


That’s great work, and flawless compositing you’ve got there. I am an xsi user, is skylight in max the same as Final Gathering or globabl illumination?

And as for your question, i think you could get a job with what you’ve got there with cinematic studios that make movies. If you want to get into the games industry, i would focus less on comping 3d models into real-life plates, and focus more on texturing and low-poly modeling. Show your complex and richly textured UV maps and the final 3d product will more than likely get you a job.


this is soooooo cool! you’ve gotta love them robots, and lightning is great as well, but I think that it should be a little more saturated on the top of robot! but thats just me!


Nice work! Its soo wierd seeing a gundam robot on a mundane british street! Maybe you shoulda had him standing next to spar or a mcdonalds car park hanging wit’ the chavs!
Excellent work on the lighting and compositing. I think the robot itself looks very stiff because of the way its arms are posed, but as you said - its not rigged up.


i’m not a Gundam fan but the rendering and light setup is perfect


Looks cool! Now give it some weapons! :slight_smile:


rawwad, carnageRPM

I’m not a massive Gundam fan either - maybe that gave me some artistic objectivity?

Purc, Juan, Hauke

Thanks guys - but you know, I kind of like the fact he isn’t doing too much. Admittedly, that could be because I didn’t have a nice rig - but I wanted the scene to be very ordinary - a simple street scene with a giant robot standing in it. I was going to try an organise some friends to stand around pointing, but I didn’t have time.
Because he isn’t smashing up cars or doing anything, I feel that there are more question marks over how he managed to get there - and I also believe he has US Navy markings, so ideally he would be a British UK ally.
I think the pilot has a fancy-woman in one of the houses and he’s just nipped out for a quickie.


Skylight is the vanilla 3dS max global illumination - no mental ray or anything else used with this image, just the default scanline rendered.

Cheers for the advice about the industry - remember that this image was an entry for a competition. But you’re right, I should show that my skills are transferable.

Andy H

If I had him standing anywhere near chavs, they would have customised him with a blue light under his feet and stuck a bass unit somehwere around the back. Or just driven off in him and set fire to him around the back of some estate.


Thanks a bunch - it’s good to hear the crits as well as the compliaments. Please bear in mind that I was working to a deadline by the time I comped it - this really isn’t far off the straight render out of Max. There is loads of stuff I would have liked to have done.

Also, full respect to the default Max scanline renderer.


I’m loving this. Awesome design, excellent excecution!


Thats one nice render you have there mate! :thumbsup:

My respects to scanline renderer also :applause:


i saw it on the 3dworld forums too but still havent posted my appreciation of it, so this is that: wonderful render, very easy on the eye :smiley:


Quality, lighting match is perfect.


The extraordinary in the ordinary background is what makes this really great, IMO. And ya, I figured the pilot was getting something near by.

The stiff pose then fits this since the pilot is out and the Gundam is on stand-by.

“Gundam, power down to stand by while I get some from Miss Trudy during my break.”


sweet man real nice render, the colors match perfect! very old school wid the scanline render lol :thumbsup:


Man, I can think of so many cool things you could do with this and still follow the extraordiary in the ordinary scene thing.

Like, the Gundam is leaning down way low. In his far hand is a cop being picked up by the collar and the close hand is reaching way in to the camara flippin off the other cop trying to write it a ticket for standing in the parking lot.

Or instead of cops make the offenders be taggers trying to spay paint their tag on its foot! It became active on its own when it sense the violation.

Or Gundam carwash.

Or… OK I’ll stop now.


Great work on the concept and image composition :smiley: