Hi all,
i just made a gun, and the owner is to come :))
Will make the textures soon, but i would like to have your opinion on my model.
The soft i used is Lightwave v7.
Thx a lot to comment,
Bye all,


Hay i know this one from counter-strike :smiley: #6 on the pistol buylist :smiley:

I can’t c that there should be any thing wrong whit the mesh… if u ad some nice texture work it could become real photorealistic:-) Maby u could design a couter-teorist to :wink:


#6 on the buy list are the dual berettas

and everyone knows that isn’t a beretta. :slight_smile:


The model is based on a Walther P99.
Here you see the end of the modelling part i think…But maybe if you see something wrong, then i’ll remodel it a little.
The owner is to come soon :slight_smile:
Thx a lot to leave me comments…


no the dual berettas are 1;5… but it dosent matter… nice work… how will the look like?


cool but i would separate the different sections and levers, like the oval above the grip, and the barrel, but if its to be seen from far away, big deal. And the walther wasnt in CS at all, wish it was.


very nice work
what kinda modeling techq.?
does lightwave use subd

i dont know too much about guns
but it looks very nice
get it textured


Yes, lightwave does support subdiv, but names it subpatch.
That is subpatch modelling : I put points, create my first polygon,
then i extend it and continue to patch the polys.
The texture are in progress, but if you are interested, i’ll post a textured version.
For the moment, i work on the owner of the gun :slight_smile: He is a semi human, semi robotic guy…
(sorry for the crappy image, but < 50k…)


very cool
idea with owner for gun
loks like it will be excellent
so when you use
your polys i lightwav

do you work
with a mesh smooth
something like mayas cps tools

i nurbs model more than anything
but i want to get to know polys better
and work with detailed geometrics
same with nurbs and subd


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