Gun (game Artworks), Alessandro Baldasseroni (3D)


Great work man! I see the advert for the game quite often on telly - i think it looks brillaint.

Love your work - excellent textures and attention to detail, looks awsome, very nicely composited as well.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaawsome very good execution.:thumbsup: .five stars from me.


Really cool still my friend, very dynamic, really cool hair too!
I will be looking forward for your next piece.

Complimenti :slight_smile:


Bellissimo!!Non ho parole,perfetto!complimentoni!grande come sempre!

Great work!:bounce:


Much Respect to you!:thumbsup:


wow .cool …nice work


:love:You’re the best :*


that’s a nice one man.

looking good.

  • Very impressive work.
  • I like the way you’ve mixed different styles of late 1800’s american clothing together.
  • Sort of looks like Trent Reznor!


Wonderful piece.Real art. I love the colour palette.*****


Holy moly Baldasseroni… :thumbsup:

If it wasn’t for the sharp speculars on the char’s hair, it’d totally look like a 2d painting… Beutiful I must say! :thumbsup:

Really, very nice work man… as usual…

from me :applause:



Great work to me!
Fice stars to!

Alessandro Lima


Baldas strikes again :slight_smile:

as already said on, nice model, nice texturing, nice composition and whatever I can see is well done…

five stars


great job Alessandro :slight_smile: had a feeling it was yours when I saw the thumbnail on the front page, thats gotta be a good sign



I saw your image in a games magaizne! That’s one of the best CG’s I’ve ever seen - thanks for linking a full size version - YOU’RE AMAZING!!


Amazing work. You can feel his attitude and harisma.
5 stars!


Tremendous work…


greate work


awesome work! 5 starz. :buttrock:


Ah - I’ve been wondering who did the artwork for Gun… Now I know!

Looking at all of your supporting images on your website, it’s clear you’ve put a sh#tload of work into the character.

Top notch stuff!