Gun (game Artworks), Alessandro Baldasseroni (3D)


Title: Gun (game Artworks)
Name: Alessandro Baldasseroni
Country: Italy
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

“Gun” the game artwork, developed by Neversoft and published by Activision
Concept by Wes Burt at Massiveblack.
3D Studio Max, Photoshop.
I really had a nice time doing it, thanks to all the splendid crew at Massiveblack.
>> Hi resolution image <<


hey alessandro! beautiful work! cant find anything to critic about!! its just awesome :smiley: so much detail, mood, etc.
great work


HOLY!!! Nice work…


great work!

i love the attitude :arteest:


Excellent work Alessandro. Fine texturing and a composition.
It is pleasantly looked.


Wow! Really great work, front page material. 5 stars. :slight_smile:


very nice men
i love itttttttt


Amazing work, you have been plugged.



fantasitc work Alessandro!! 5 Stars :buttrock:

I really love the mix of 3d/2d, you’ve got it just right. great composition and colours!


I’m afraid that this is quite impressive looking. I expression in his face. Awesome!:thumbsup:


I like the theme, refreshing piece, nice background and character integration with it.

Some points that come to my mind:

  • The skin seems to have uncontroled spec taking away from the “skin feel”, same for the handle of the axe.
  • The hair is quite soft compared to the overall look of the piece.

In any case, my first impression was very good and you did a great job, this is just being picky. :thumbsup: Looking forward to seeing more work from ya :wip:


looks just like Wes’s work… great job Alessandro


Da paura! :smiley:

(English version: Cool!)


Well, the first time I saw the picture I thought were expecitng Fallout 3 soon…



Extremely nice picture! I love the style and his pose :slight_smile:


Molto bello, complimenti.


top class work, well done. :twisted:



Amazing work Alessandro, I like the ilustration style and the pose of character.

Great piece, congratulations!!!:thumbsup:


very nice :thumbsup:



Very impressive work. The pose and emotion are well done…I agree with the spec detail on the forearms though…it kind of looks a little plasticky, but otherwise its superb…