Gummy The Bubbling Alien, Philippe Nouhra (3D)


Title: Gummy The Bubbling Alien
Name: Philippe Nouhra
Country: France
Software: 3dsmax 4, Vray

This is a little charcater made just for fun. He’s supposed to be a bubbling alien made out of bubblegum. :slight_smile:


I think the little guy’s really cute, beau travail…


He is awesome. So simple but so full of life and character. Great job.



I think that`s everything is perfect! Very soft picture and I like It!:slight_smile:


great character design! you should animate him :smiley:


Interesting, It doesnt look quite like bubble gum, I think it is a bit too moist and fluid. Those antenae couldn’t be that thin if he was made out of bubblegum, and there would be those ripped-globby strands coming off everything that sticks out from the main torso. also he would stick to the floor when he tries to walk, it could be quite funny.

just being ruthlessly pedantic, that’s what the forum’s for though.


Cool character. Looks funny (that’s good!). I like it a lot.


That’s a really cute character. What kind of alien is he? Is he made out of bubbles? He kinda looks like a porcelain alien.


gummy is good!!
like 2 see him animated!!


Cool char!
You can do a really funny animation with this guy!
Keep up!


Very cute model :thumbsup:


One of these days i will port it into XSI and try to animate him… well at least doing something a bit fun.
Thanks for your comments guys !


:bounce: Very interesting-good colors and model. Good character for an animated film.


Really funny and amusing.This is a good good artwork.


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