Guilty Pleasures


Well we all have them and we all hide them like the dirty little seceret that they are. So now its time to come clean in this thread. Time to follow my lead as I shall jump head first.

Movies: Congo (I think I’m the only one who likes this movie), Jaws 4, Jason Versus Freddy, and Jason X.

Music: Foo Fighters (my friends would revoke my punk rock license if they knew I rocked out to them) and the band Live.

TV: Real World and Road Rules. It’s the only reality TV I watch and I just can’t get enough of it.

Games: I still play star craft (alone and just against the computer).

Bad Habbit: I smoke menthol cigarettes.

So bam, I feel better as I have revealed my forbidden passions to you all at CGtalk. :thumbsup:


Film: Congo (i like it too, the laser kicks arse) / Finding Nemo / The Truth About Cats & Dogs (i can be a little soppy at times) / Titanic (ok, so it made me cry…a bit…hahaha! )
Music: Japanese pop Music (ok, everyone knows i like this stuff…and i dont care :stuck_out_tongue: )
TV: Time Team (an archeaology program that explores englands history)
Bad Habit: Minor Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


Ok ok …

Movies: Almost all action movies… popcorn movies … what can i do … i like it.

Music: People think i’m a bit insane… i can be spoted listening to … lets say … Christina Milan … and some minutes after … Dead Kennedys … and Buena Vista Social Club …

TV: History channel.

Games: (ok laugh) Samurai Shodown 3 … eheheh

Bad Habbit: I … kinda … lurk … here at CGTalk … when i should be … aham … working …


Movies: I like my french films (Amelie, City of the Lost Children), Kung Fu classics (yah theyr’e cool, but do you want to tell a girl you’re just meeting about them? no, i don’t think so), And the occasional chick flick, as long as it’s not too sappy, What Women Want was a good movie, and i’m sticking to that.

Music: not much guilt here, i like celtic, rock, all of that, music is one thing i don’t worry too much about.

TV: Ok, i admit, i watched the last season of Bachelor, i couldn’t help it, that show sucks you in and won’t let you go!!!

Bad Habit: video games, i play them instead of doing my personal work when i’m at home, also, i’m guilty of Q_B’s habit too, in fact, uhm, i’m doing it right now :slight_smile:


Movies: Teen trash films (Mean Girls was great!!)

Music: Crappy singalong 80’s pop music - Aha, Duran Duran, Roxette, Bananarama, Belinda Carlisle, etc. Also Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals.

Games: Tetris and Bust-A-Move 2. I am totally addicted to them both.

TV: Everwood and Survivor :blush:

Bad habit: Lurking and posting here! Procrastinating and sleeping too much.


Movies: I’ve seen and own both Ace Ventura movies more than anything else… hehe. And as for older movies, MONSTER SQUAD!

Music: Oh lord where do I start… I’m seeing John Mayer in concert in about ten days. Any basically anything from the 80’s… And I don’t mean the good stuff, I mean songs like walkin on sunshine, they’re catchy damnit!

TV: The Assistant. I love Andy Dick… and I also watched Joe Millionare (the first one) Other than that not much.

Games: I don’t play games, I guess thats my secret for the gaming secton.

Bad Habbit: Workoholic who doesn’t sleep much. My girlfriend always nags about it “you need to sleep bla bla bla”

Oh and @ Q_B:Dead Kennedys are awesome, I’ve had all their CD’s since 9th grade and still listen to them. Frankenchrist is my fav, whoo hoo

-Tom N.


Now laugh all you want: The Sims.


Movies: Cheaper by the Dozen

Music: I like all music…I really like DK’s Holiday in Cambodia

TV: Zoobamafoo…I like all animal shows…:slight_smile:

Games: Sega GT

Bad Habit: CGT as well as some other boards…I smoke and drink a little too much. Got the patch though:)


I can’t laugh as I had that game when it first came out. I just had fun finding new ways to kill my sims people. :twisted:


Movies: Soppy melodramas. For whatever reason, I love watching them, and fighting back the tears (at least, when I’m with friends; alone, I just bawl like a baby).

Music: I was at a Josh Groban concert last night. And I loved it.

Games: Pump it Up. :stuck_out_tongue:

TV: MacGuyver. I still watch it on TVLand to this day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bad Habit: Smoking. About a half-pack of Marlboro Reds. On a good day. :argh:


Thats still on?!? That was my favorite when I was younger, I gotta find out what station is TVLand here.

-Tom N.


Dirty secrets, eh??

Movies: Punisher, spy kids series :blush:

Music: my tastes range from Gangstarr to the Misfits to Aphex Twin to the Von Bondies, but I really actually like Evanescence and… to a lesser extent… Avril Lavigne…

TV: Real World and Road Rules as well… also… Best Week Ever…

Games: i don’t really have any dirty secret games… i play UT2004 sometimes and i just finished Doom3.

Bad Habbit: I occasionally smoke Marlboro Blend No. 27



Movies: Dancer In the Dark…I really think this is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Music: I like that Milkshake song be Kelis (I don’t know why I just like it)

TV: The Amazing Race (this show is the best to yell at) and um…um… The Simple Life 1 and 2 PARIS ROCKS!

Games: This is retarded but I play it anyway

Bad Habit: CGTalk, Cigars, and talking sh*t about people.


Some of these guilty pleasures seem nothing to be ashamed of.

For example, I always seem to watch Office Space or Jaws when they’re on. However, my guilty pleasure is that I also always watch Bring It On (yes, the cheerleader movie).

I also like old westerns on tv, like Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel, and The Wild Wild West (which only barely qualifies as a real western).

I’m also enjoying a side-scroller rennaissance on my GBA, which is only a guilty pleasure because I really ought to be doing something more productive - sorry honey!


Movies: Bring it On was an awesome movie, noxy. I like the cheeky teen movies in general like Can’t Hardly Wait or the John Hughes films like Sixteen Candles.

Music: I’m not the same slave to music that I once was, but '80’s pop like Journey always brings a smile to my face. TV theme songs are fun (on Rhino records), too. I don’t change the radio station if Christina Aguilara comes on, but change it immediately when Justin Timberlake does.

TV: Was Buffy the Vampire Slayer until it went off the air. Also watched Trading Spaces and other home decorating shows for awhile. Now I stay up until the wee hours watching Cartoon Network.

Games: Ratchet & Clank or SSX3

Bad Habit: Ice cream every night before bed. :smiley:


Film: I liked “Scary movie 1”. Shame on me. I also get joy out of “Lethal Weapon 2”. DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY! “Ten things I hate about you” also rocked.

Music: I like listening to old 8-bit songs from Squaresoft. I sadly own every Final fantasy OST since FF2. I even have a taped music from Super Metroid. Oh and I love the new JVC ad they’ve got running at the moment.

TV: I’ve been to a Hi-5 live concert. Two actually. And I didn’t have any kids with me. Oh and I enjoy the audition section of the Australian Idol show. The rest is crap.

Games: Hey… there’s nothing wrong with Bust-a-Move Leigh! :smiley:

Bad Habit: CGTalk. If it didn’t exist my work-effort would shoot up tenfold.


Yes! That movie rocks!! ^^ Ok… the whole movie really sucks, but that one scene with the holodeck thingy and the sleeping bag… God… my buddy and I nearly died laughing when we saw that… Had to rewind it numerous times cause it was just so damn funny ^^ That scene along justified me going out and buying it :slight_smile:

Movies: None… I love bad movies, and Im proud of it!

Music: Umm… none… none at all… my music tastes rock! Woo! … . <cough> Linda Scott <cough> :blush:

TV: Hamtaro :blush:

Bad Habit: F…<censored>…eft :eek:

Dancer In the Dark should NOT be a guilty pleasure. : \ I loved that film…


Yes! That movie rocks!! ^^ Ok… the whole movie really sucks, but that one scene with the holodeck thingy and the sleeping bag… God… my buddy and I nearly died laughing when we saw that… Had to rewind it numerous times cause it was just so damn funny ^^ That scene along justified me going out and buying it :slight_smile:
oh god, the hilarity of that scene, i freakin died laughing… i was like HOLY SHIT DUDE DID YOU SEE THAT!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA like you i musta spent the better part of an hour watching that shit… :stuck_out_tongue:

that is probably one of the funniest movie moments ever (apart from… )

MOVIES: chris farly movies especially black sheep and tommy boy… god damn those are funny movies… and i love all romance movies, im a big big sucker for romance movies (you know, the crap like moulin rouge, you’ve got mail, big fish etc) however i personally believe moulin rouge is the best movie ever made :stuck_out_tongue:

MUSIC: hmm i dunno i like all music so :stuck_out_tongue: maybe one song i shouldnt like is mmm bop :stuck_out_tongue:

TV: erm, spongebob, neds newt, zaboomafoo (used to watch it, not on anymore :() and a few others

GAMES: urg i dunno man…bust a move is perdy cool, though i wouldnt consider it a secret pleasure :stuck_out_tongue: umm star craft :smiley: played that game way too damn much… in fact if anyone wants to play…

BAD HABBIT: i like to wear my girlfriends unde…ohhh i mean :smiley: but seriously umm i visit cg talk too much… um i procrastinate like a mother - f… and yadda yadda yadda…

and this one time at band camp . . .


Oh and @ Q_B:Dead Kennedys are awesome, I’ve had all their CD’s since 9th grade and still listen to them. Frankenchrist is my fav, whoo hoo
Yeah i take no shame in listening to DK!!! Soup is Good Food is my fav music :slight_smile:


jason X scene; WE LOVE PREMARITAL SEX!!!1!!1! get in sleeping bags

…AAAAHHHHHHH!! oof…oof…ow…eek! beats one chick with the other chick

damn i loved that scene. whenever we go camping or outside just cuz we can we reinact that scene (we cant pick eachother up like that but still tis funny!) thats not a quilty pleasure, its…um i dunno but its still good!

Movies: young frankenstein. i HATE b&w movies but this one just ROCKS!

Music: “Fire” by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. I JUST LOVE IT! IM SORRY!

TV: i like to watch CNN news more than most other shows. is there something wrong with me? i also watch south park and family guy…which everyone says is a problem but i dont see why…

GAMES: Super Mario RPG = BEST GOD DAMN RPG (even tho it isnt a true rpg but whatever…) IN THE UNIVERSE!!1!!111!!!11 i play SACRIFICE with such a devotion i could be compared to one of those poor fellows who dresses up like a wookie and waits in front of a movie theatre for days to see the new star wars movie. and THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH STARCRAFT! its still better than WC3 IMLTHO. but both of my CDs are messed up or my computer is so i cant play it…damnit… :frowning:

BAD HABIT: i have a very bad habit of “unselecting” things on the computer. after i select something to open or just to highlight i will automatically click off to the side to “unselect” it. i have to be REMINDED to eat sometimes…well, reminded to eat something other than beef jerkey and ramen noodles. this may not be a habit, more like a defect: my hands sweat CONSTANTLY when not even doing anything, but when i play something my sweat glands go DRY. im seriously considering buying rubber gloves of some kind so i wont keep getting my controlers, mouse, and keyboard all smelly and crusty.