Guildenstern, Martin Krol (3D)


…very good job man :thumbsup:

-cheerZ- :wavey:


well, we are done for good technically :smiley: haha. you know what i mean :smiley:

the reason you see a lot of the finer detail dissapear is because as far as a big sculpture goes, I think i over did it. looking at some sculptures done in the past, sculptors skipped out on the finest strands of hair, or the smallest wrinkles. so i sort of played around in photoshop toning those details down a bit. i agree, its sad to see some of the work dissapear. But, this guy isnt finished. When i take my break from work, and freelance is done, I will try to get this guy fully sculpted up before the release of zb 3.0. Im not sure if i mentioned, but I do have a full body made for him. I am only showing a small portion of the whole.

thanks for the kind comments guys n gals!.


Very nice. My only criticism would be the title. He seems too noble to be Guildenstern… Unless it’s not Hamlet’s Guildenstern.


i love your seems like real


my nose was right :slight_smile:



thank you for keeping the hope alive.! haha

Very nice. My only criticism would be the title. He seems too noble to be Guildenstern… Unless it’s not Hamlet’s Guildenstern.

I thought about that too, but my intention wasnt to create a Hamlets’ character. I just like the name, so I used it :slight_smile:


A heap of thought and detail I can’t begin to imagine how it’s done. Excellent, 5 stars


That’s so detailed, from the model to the bump mapping and the texture, a really amazing 3D piece, thanks for sharing it with us!


Great image… I saw it in the demo video of ZBrush 3. Is this geometry in the range of millions of polygons? because the detail is really impressive.


Very nice. You did a good job on making it look old and crumbly


Beautiful sculpture…very organic!
Wud be nice if you can show your levels of detail.


Great work… great modeling because rendering it’s very base material… modeling it’s the very important part in this work…




this is ****ing awesome!


wow ! amazing ! …
lovely details … wish I cud model like that !!
keep it up mate …



you done a superb job …


Good work, from all ZBrush 3 Betatesters images this one my favorite.


Awesome! Well done.


Hi Martin

Congrats on this piece it is brilliant!
may I ask how you did the texturing?

thx steve


Congrats on the cg choice award Martin! I don’t know if you are interested, but since you made this cg sculpture I thought you might like to know that the AGO is doing a focus on Bernini this month. They’ll be showing 3 of Bernini’s sculptures, the newly donated Corpus, the portait of Pope Gregory XV and the National Galleries Maffeo Barberini.


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