Guildenstern, Martin Krol (3D)


Title: Guildenstern
Name: Martin Krol
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop, ZBrush

I started this models low rez cage back in December using Clay 3d. I had to leave the model soon after due to work and freelance picking up. However, with the ZBrush 3.0 announcement, I thought that I would take the model a little further, so I gave him a ZBrush pass. So I spent about 5 hours on that, and touched him up in Photoshop.


great face :slight_smile:


loooks awsome.
its nice to see something form you what is finally finish :slight_smile:
if i could i would give 6 stars :smiley:

no words…

FRONT PAGE !! + CHOICE !!! its a must :slight_smile:


wow, powerful.


Yes, that’s fantastic. I know your very old work and wasn’t aware that you’re still active. :thumbsup:


Super !!! Congratulations!!.
:scream: Really nice job.5*
I like it.

Hamed katebi


Great work Martin!
It might be the texture resolution or size but It makes it look a bit low res.



Michael Angelo is gealous now :slight_smile:
Great “sculpture” (I won’t say modeling) :wink:


this is execellent

you have captured the character and the mood wonderfullly



thanks guys!
below is the original that i submitted to pixologic.

Fox: cheers man. I thought it was about time I submitted something to a gallery. I haven’t done this in years.

JaquesD: i think the reason he looks low rez is because i added noise to the image in the dark areas to simulate noise that would appear in camera in dark exposures. ( i used a nikon d200 as reference ). I am thinking that i overdid it, but I think I will leave it as it is.


wow, this is amazing, great details, expression, everything.congatulations


wow!!Great job Martin!
It might be the texture resolution or size but It makes it look a bit low res.


Great work :thumbsup: 4+*


the model is rock! excellent!
My opinion is to raise the texture and the lighting.

good job!


Wow, very impressive model! good job


Great sculpt. Whats the polycount :slight_smile:


Excellent work, very impressive!! :thumbsup:


Great work!good modelling!


Solid classic volumes…i really love it, the only thing which “bothers” me is some bumpyness in the drapery, that said you`re a modeling legend.

Keep going!



UUUUFFFF, Really amazing image, really impressed :thumbsup: .