Guide for posting images and files


Below are two guides for posting images and also files to a forum like

This issue is raised quite frequently so we thought it best to sticky a simple guide. You can attach both images and files to your user on the cgtalk server as attachments but there are limits to both imagesize and allocated datastorage.

The first image is a guide of how to post images - even as large as these through the website (not ‘.com’).

This second guide below explains how to upload your files such as 3dm/zip/rar. Previously there have been issues with not being able to read .rar files. A .rar file is simple another type of compression like .zip (you can download the decompressing software from This guide usses the resources of

We hope these have helped those cgtalk users in need of a little assistance posting images of files.


thanks for posting these useful tips :slight_smile: !


My question: Does it allowed to post rhino render works in the subforum, or should we go to other forum pages